Palworld Type Effectiveness and Weakness Chart

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Palworld ice flame and electric organ
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In Palworld, there’s no end of threats to your livelihood and Pals. To that end, knowing the best strengths and weaknesses for each Pal in Palworld can be instrumental to surviving and thriving.

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Palworld Type Effectiveness and Weakness Chart

The Pals you encounter in Palworld all have two things in common: they have strengths, and they have weaknesses. And those strengths and weaknesses are decided by their elemental typing. To that end, knowing the weaknesses and strengths of each Pal is essential to making sure you come out of each encounter alive.

Maybe even with a new Pal to show for your effort. Here’s everything you need to know.

Grass is strong against Ground  Ground is strong against Electric → Electric is strong against Water → Fire is strong against Grass and Ice → Ice is strong against Dragon → Dragon is strong against Dark → Dark is strong against Neutral.

Palworld Element Chart

You can see this chart in the infographic above. And what this tells us is that Fire is the best offensive element to have, as it reigns supreme over two types. Neutral, on the other hand, offers no benefits beyond being, predictably, neutral against every element there is.

But knowing that Fire is the strongest offensive typing, it’s likely that competitive Palworld trainers will be equipping themselves with the most powerful water types to get ahead of the curve. So, it’s a good idea to build a diverse team and be prepared for everything and anything your opponent might throw at you. For water types, I highly recommend Jormuntide.

Not only do you get the benefit of having a Water type, but you’ll also get one of the coolest-looking Pals in the game.

If you find yourself struggling to progress in Palworld, you’ll be happy to know that the difficulty is customizable. Check out our guide on what difficulty you should choose in Palworld for more information.

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