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How to Increase FPS in Cult of the Lamb on Switch

Nintendo, please...

by Nikola L

Cult of the Lamb is THE Indie game scene hit of summer 2022 and has thousands of players playing it on a daily basis. Due to a recent patch, many players on Nintendo Switch are struggling with the game’s performance and are encountering FPS stutters, FPS drops, and other related trouble. Prima Games has investigated this issue and we are delivering our findings below.

How to Fix FPS in Cult of the Lamb on Nintendo Switch

We might have to disappoint you on this one, unfortunately. We have turned the whole internet upside-down and even went on old-school tech forums to seek out assistance, but we have not found a feasible solution for everyone for this issue. Due to the automatic update of the game, everyone got the infamous v1.0.2 version delivered to their systems, which is the version that is causing all this ruckus. Not having a stable FPS in a video game (even if it’s just the “cinematic” 25 FPS) and especially in a fast-paced action game, is something that can ruin your experience significantly or even completely.

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The only solution we have found is to have custom, unofficial firmware on your Switch which would enable you to play the v1.0 version that did not have this issue. Everyone is now at mercy of the game developers and Nintendo and has to wait for a new patch that will hopefully roll out soon and fix the issue.

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On official firmware, you can’t uninstall the game and get the 1.0 version again. You will automatically get the freshest version – these aren’t the 2000s anymore where you install the base game from a CD and then optionally apply patches you have found online.

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