How to Help the Weeping Woman in Lies of P

This game is teaching me it's okay to lie

The very first side quest you’ll stumble upon in Lies of P involves a woman in the Elysion Quarantine Zone, pitifully calling for the baby taken from her. Fortunately, we can help her. Here’s how to complete the Weeping Woman Side Quest in Lies of P.

How to Help the Weeping Woman in Lies of P

The Weeping Woman gives you one of your first side quests in the game, but she’s quite easy to miss. Here’s how to find her and return her child back to her. At least, sort of.

How to Get the Weeping Woman Side Quest in Lies of P

Shortly after finding the Elysion Stargazer, “Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard,” you’ll be able to leave the room and travel across the rooftop. Here, you’ll encounter your first Dimensional Butterfly. Follow the butterfly, and it will lead you onto another rooftop that has an opening into a room.

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Go through the room, and you’ll soon find yourself outside again, but this time in an open hall. There’s a ladder leading down into a square, but don’t jump down yet.

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Instead, head close to the ladder and look right. You’ll see the silhouette of a woman in the window. If you have your volume on, you should also be able to hear her soft weeping.

Speak to her, and she’ll tell you that you’re kind to visit her. Then, she asks you to find her baby, which her family took and brought to City Hall. She desperately wants to see her daughter before the Petrification Disease covers her eyes completely.

How to Find the Weeping Woman’s Baby in Lies of P

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to find the baby until we get to City Hall. To do that, continue along Elysion Road until you meet the Mad Donkey and Geppetto. Geppetto will give you the key to City Hall.

Once you’re inside City Hall, continue until you reach this stone arch, just past all the sword-bearing puppets.

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When you go through this arch, turn left. You’ll see a large puppet bent over at the end of the path. Kill this puppet and see what he was protecting.

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Yep, you guessed it, that blue orb is the baby. But it’s actually a broken baby puppet that’s been wounded beyond repair.

Still, it’s good enough.

Bring it back to the Weeping Woman.

Should You Lie to the Weeping Woman in Lies of P?

Once you give the baby to the Weeping Woman, she’ll then ask you a question:

“Isn’t my baby adorable?”

You can tell her the baby is (lie) or tell her the doll is a puppet (truth).

If you lie to her, she’ll be happy and give you the Vivid Ergo fragment and the Feel record, which you can play in the Hotel Krat. If you tell her the truth, she won’t believe you, and you’ll only get the Vivid Ergo Fragment.

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Records are very important because they help P gain humanity. To listen to a record, go to the Hotel Kant and approach the front desk to use the record player.

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