How to Hard-Lock onto Enemies in Armored Core 6 (AC6)

What is this method of aiming, and why is it important to know about?

One of the hardest things about Armored Core 6 isn’t even the massive difficulty spikes that come from the Skill-Check bosses that will keep you held in place for multiple hours, but rather, its complex control system. While there are plenty of tutorials available in the game, if you’re anything like me, you’ve completely disregarded them. I’m not afraid to put myself on blast, so I’m here to help. Even with the on-screen tutorials that pop up, there may be some we forget entirely along the way, so let’s find out how to Hard-Lock onto enemies in Armored Core.

How To Lock Onto Enemies In Armored Core 6

If you’re playing with a keyboard and mouse versus a controller, this may not even be needed. But, if you’re playing with a controller, having the option to Lock-On to enemies could be a lifesaver in more ways than one. To Hard-Lock onto your enemies in Armored Core 6, you’ll need to click the Right Thumbstick (R3 Button), and you’ll instantly lock onto an enemy as you approach them.

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This can help in tricky combat situations, such as the first boss fight against the attack helicopter that is looking to put you out of commission before you can even start the game up properly. Navigating through the skies like a proper pilot while having your sights set on your enemies is the perfect way to avoid meeting an untimely end.

Should You Use Hard-Lock In Armored Core 6?

We strongly recommend using the Lock-On feature in this title because you may find yourself in some dicey situations quickly, which can help avoid losing track of your enemy in the middle of a battle. However, there is a slight downside to this particular feature; your overall accuracy does take a bit of a hit. This could mean you don’t make as much money during a Sortie, but if you’re coming out on the other side alive, this could be worth it.

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As mentioned above, KB&M players may have an easier time aiming and keeping tabs on where their enemies are since they can snap around with the push of a direction, whereas using a controller can be a little more erratic at times. Give it a try either way and see if this matches your playstyle. You may boost away surprised.

Whether you’re a veteran of the franchise or if this is your first attempt at the Armored Core series, we’ve got you covered with our AC6 section below. Find our picks for the best early-game builds and sets, and get ready to take the fight to your enemies with your new skill.

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