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How to Go AFK in GTA V Online and Not Get Kicked

by Prima Games Staff


How to Go AFK in GTA V Online and Not Get Kicked

The world of GTA V Online offers players a variety of things for them to experience when they are playing. However, real-life will come calling now and them, which will require players to go AFK if they do not want to leave the lobby.

However, going AFK in a GTA V Online lobby will cause the game to kick the inactive player eventually. However, there is a way that players can go AFK and not get kicked from the lobby they are in while they take care of other things.

Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about this method covered for you.

how to go afk in gta v online

The method to go AFK without getting kicked is not a complex one. All that you need to do is watch TV, as this will allow you not to have to worry about your character getting kicked.

The reason why the game will not kick your character is that it considers you watching TV as an activity and thus makes your character active where just standing around will cause the game to think you are inactive and will kick you from the lobby.

Players just need to sit down at a TV and turn on the shows. You can utilize this strategy where any TV is but will be the safest partaking in your own apartment where other players can not reach you and possibly kill you when you are away from playing. 

Now, it is essential to note that if you are on PC and minimize your game window to do other things on your computer that GTA V Online will still count you as inactive and kick you from the lobby after 15 minutes even if you are watching TV.

You have to be in the game entirely for this method to go AFK without getting kicked to work properly when playing on PC. 

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Those who know how to go AFK without getting kicked will be able to keep their character online and go take care of other responsibilities at the same time. Let us know how it goes over on Facebook and Twitter!

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