Destiny 2 Wings of Sacred Dawn
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How to Get Wings of Sacred Dawn in Destiny 2

You won't need Red Bull for these wings.

A major portion of the early and mid-game experience for Destiny 2 is collecting all of the different exotics in the game. Sure, some of these exotics can be rather worthless and belong in the vault, but having them all collected means you can pull them out whenever you need. This is especially true given that Bungie likes to rebalance certain exotic pieces each season to keep things fresh. One such exotic can trip some people up though. Here’s how to get the Wings of Sacred Dawn in Destiny 2.

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Where to Find the Wings of Sacred Dawn in Destiny 2

Like many of the older exotics in Destiny 2, the Wings of Sacred Dawn aren’t too difficult to come by. If anything, it’s just a time-consuming process. You can either pick up the Wings of Sacred Dawn for yourself from Xur if he has it in his rotation, or you can find it through an exotic engram. Xur offers one a week, though certain activities can also reward exotic engrams. On a very rare chance, they can even drop from enemies. Exotic engrams tend to favor the items that you don’t have yet, so it should only be a matter of time.

As for what it does, the Wings of Sacred Dawn give perks exclusively for the Dawnblade subclass. With it equipped, aiming while midair will suspend you there for a short time, along with providing you better accuracy, flinch resistance, and damage resistance. The airborne effectiveness stat for all equipped weapons also sees a major boost. This makes the Wings of Sacred Dawn geared mostly toward PvP, especially for those who like to surprise their opponents from a different angle. It could have some minor use in PvE, though its usefulness there is much more situational.

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Provided you keep at it, the Wings of Sacred Dawn should be yours to equip on your Warlock in no time. While you’re here, check out how you can get the Quicksilver Storm exotic in Destiny 2.

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