How to Get Weapon Skins in Starfield

Cutting materials in style.

Starfield Cutter
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Starfield has many, many different weapons and pieces of gear that you can equip, each with its own stats and style. These styles tend to look alright given what they’re trying to represent, but sometimes you want to have a consistent look across your arsenal. Choosing matching pieces of gear means forfeiting certain bonuses, so that isn’t ideal. However, there is one other way to match your look (technically). Here’s how to get weapon skins in Starfield.

Where to Get Weapon Skins in Starfield

Starfield Constellation Edition
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As of writing, there are only two ways to get weapon skins in Starfield, and one of them is no longer available. The first way was to pre-order the game, which came with a skin for the Cutter that made it gray with red stripes. The other method is through getting the Premium Edition of the game, which comes with the Constellation Skin pack. That pack comes with a skin for the Equinox that features Starfield’s neutral white combined with several colored stripes.

While there aren’t currently any other weapon skins in Starfield, that doesn’t mean there never will be any more skins added. We still have yet to receive the Shattered Space expansion pack, something that’s still a way out. There’s a good chance that expansion will include weapon skins since creating a whole skin feature for two uses seems wasteful. However, Bethesda has yet to confirm or deny that coming at some point.

How Do You Equip Weapon Skins?

Starfield Weapon Skins
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If you meet either of the above conditions, equipping the weapon skins is easy enough. Head to the Lodge and make your way to the basement through the main lobby. In the basement, you’ll find a weapon workbench. Select either your Cutter or Equinox, then select the skin and equip it. Enjoy looking snazzy while mining or shooting!

If you’re looking for help with more cosmetics, check out our guide on where to find EIT Clothiers in Starfield.

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