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How to Find EIT Clothiers Shop in Starfield

Gotta look well dressed while you endanger a planet's native species.

Seeing as you spent so much time at the start of Starfield customizing your character’s appearance, it only makes sense that you’d care about fashion and appearance while playing too. There are a lot of outfits you can get from killing foes and taking their gear, though most of it is either raggedy or very militaristic. Sometimes, you want to be dressed for a night in the town. Here’s how to find the EIT Clothiers shop in Starfield.

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Where is the EIT Clothiers Shop in Starfield?

Starfield EIT Clothiers
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There’s only one EIT Clothiers shop in Starfield, and it can be found in New Atlantis on the planet of Jemison. To get there, travel to the Residential District and run straight, past the Centaurian Arsenal and Apollo Tower buildings. On your way, you should also pass by Athena Tower and CJ’s. When you reach the first fork, take a right and hug the wall. You should see EIT Clothiers up ahead and are free to go inside.

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Inside you’ll meet the store’s owner, Farad Kallob. Speak with him and select the dialogue option “Let’s see what you’ve got.”. This will bring up his inventory, from which you can have a look at his Apparel options. This is a high-end clothing store so most of the options are corporate-related. You do get the odd poncho though which does shake things up a touch.

Can You Reset the EIT Clothiers Inventory?

Starfield Farad
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If you don’t see anything you like, it is possible to sit down at one of the nearby couches and wait 24 hours to reset the shop’s inventory. There won’t be a lot of changes, but I’ve noticed in my testing that certain outfits like Urban Slackwear and the Green Neocity Formwear don’t always show up. Either way, there should be at least one piece of clothing that works for you.

If you’re looking for more ways to change your look, check out our guide on how to change your appearance in Starfield.

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