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How to Get Weapon Exotic Anarchy in Destiny 2 in 2023

Anarchy is both a political ideology and also a lot of grenades sent barreling into your enemies.

by Daphne Fama

THIS IS NOT A DRILL, GUARDIANS. Grenade Launchers are getting a buff in Destiny 2’s Lightfall Expansion and you know what that means? The viciously nerfed Anarchy is viable again. But… is it even obtainable? Here’s how to get the Exotic Grenade Launcher Anarchy in Destiny 2 in 2023.

How to Get Weapon Exotic Anarchy in Destiny 2 in 2023

In 2018, the Exotic Grenade Launcher, aptly named Anarchy, was released as part of the Scourge of THE Past Raid. And what a time it was to have this gun in your arsenal. This grenade launcher has the intrinsic trait Arc Traps, which allows it to shoot grenades that stick to surfaces and chain arc bolts to other mines.

The descriptor for the weapon describes this effect best: “Stick to wall, ground, human… then FFFFFRRRRRYYYYY! Hehehehehehehe.” — Siviks, Lost to None.

Fantastic. Absolutely charming.

But since 2018, Grenade Launchers have received their rounds of nerfs, relegating most of them to Vaults the galaxy over. Until now. In a blog post on Bungie’s website, a new buff to Grenade Launchers has been announced.

Now, they’ll do 20% increased damages to champions, minibosses, bosses, and vehicles… and 40% increased damage to minions. Their finicky projectile collision is also being improved, making it easier to land hits, and the blast radius is being extended outward by 1 meter!

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All of these bonuses (which effect all grenade launchers except Parasite, poor bug gun), mean that Anarchy is suddenly viable again. But how do you get it if its Raid is no more?

Easy. Head to the Tower and head to the Monument of Light, wedged between the two Vault terminals. Head into Exotic Gear Archives – Forsaken Exotics.

You can purchase Anarchy there! But the cost is steep. Expect to pay:

  • 1 Exotic Cipher
  • 150,000 Glimmer
  • 240 Spoils of Conquest
  • 2 Ascendant Shards

Oh… and you’ll need the Forsaken Pack, which will run you $20 USD. As I said, the cost is steep indeed.

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