Warframe Voruna
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How to Get Voruna in Warframe

The wolven queen awakens.

Getting new weapons and companions can offer some fun changes to gameplay in Warframe, but getting entirely new frames brings much more variety to the table. Having a brand new set of abilities and a passive can completely change how you play the game. Take the differences between Wisp and Saryn, for example, the former being a supportive powerhouse designed to put buffs anywhere and everywhere. At the same time, Saryn spreads her toxic spores to all enemies within an area the size of Washington. One frame is fairly new; thus, many players aren’t entirely sure how to acquire her. Here’s how to get Voruna in Warframe.

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Where Can You Farm Voruna in Warframe?

Voruna’s parts are earned from rotation C of either Conjunction Survival mission. These are found on Lua, located at either the Yuvarium or Circulus nodes. To get to rotation C, like any other Survival mission, you’ll need to reach 20 minutes survived, and hope that RNG is on your side. The percentage chances for each of her parts will vary depending on which Conjunction Survival mission you do. There’s a lower chance on Yuvarium, though in exchange the mission is considerably easier to survive in. The chances for her parts to drop on either mission are as follows:

  • Yuvarium, Lua
    • Voruna Blueprint: 6.82%
    • Voruna Chassis Blueprint: 4.55%
    • Voruna Systems Blueprint: 4.55%
    • Voruna Neuroptics Blueprint: 4.55%
  • Circulus, Lua
    • Voruna Blueprint: 12.24%
    • Voruna Chassis Blueprint: 8.16%
    • Voruna Systems Blueprint: 8.16%
    • Voruna Neuroptics Blueprint: 8.16%

You can score many other rewards while running Conjunction Survival. Namely, Rotation A (5 minutes survived) and Rotation B (10 and 15 minutes survived) will award you with parts for the Perigale rifle and Sarofang melee should you need those for mastery too. If you’re running the Circulus mission, you’ll even get access to four Arcanes that are exclusive to the mission: Arcane Rise, Conjunction Voltage, Arcane Blessing, and Primary Frostbite.

What is Conjunction Survival?

Conjunction Survival works very similarly to regular Survival, only with two very key differences. The first is a Dax soldier that wanders around the map. Standing in the circle that surrounds him grants heavily increased Ability Strength and Casting Speed, lasting for five seconds upon leaving his circle. The other change is the Thrax soldiers that spawn every five minutes, which heavily drain your life support if not killed quickly. They also are how you get Lua Thrax Plasm, the one resource available exclusively in the mode.

What Resources Do You Need to Get Voruna in Warframe?

If you’re having trouble getting the parts to drop for you (trying to run 20-minute survivals over and over again is naturally exhausting), you can visit Archimedian Yonta in the Chrysalith on the Zariman. When speaking to her, select “Trade for Lua Thrax Plasm“, and you’ll be able to purchase most drops from Conjunction Survival for Lua Thrax Plasm. In terms of Voruna, her main blueprint can be purchased for 125 Lua Thrax Plasm while her part blueprints can be purchased for 75 Lua Thrax Plasm each.

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Once you have all of the blueprints, her parts have varying costs to build. Her main blueprint also requires 50 Lua Thrax Plasm, alongside the parts that you’re about to build. The parts themselves require the following resources:

  • Voruna Neuroptics Blueprint
    • 20 Somatic Fibers
    • 2,500 Alloy Plate
    • 800 Polymer Bundle
    • 25 Lua Thrax Plasm
  • Voruna Chassis Blueprint
    • 20 Voidgel Orb
    • 1,000 Ferrite
    • 300 Rubedo
    • 25 Lua Thrax Plasm
  • Voruna Systems Blueprint
    • 5 Nitain Extract
    • 30 Voidgel Orb
    • 5,000 Salvage
    • 25 Lua Thrax Plasm

Once you have all of those materials, wait 12 hours for the different parts to build, and wait an additional three days for the main blueprint to build, Voruna will be in your hands! Good luck experiencing the fun of playing the new wolven queen. If you’re looking to build more new tools, check out our guide on all Incarnon Genesis weapons in Warframe.

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