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How to Get the Sibear in Warframe

It's more like a Sighbear once it's finally in your hands.

by Shawn Robinson
Warframe Sibear

Warframe’s weapons can range from extremely simple all the way to exceedingly time-consuming to build. Certain resources like Orokin Cells, open-world minerals, Mutagen Mass, and Fieldron all can act as a barrier to building pieces of gear. More often than not though, the reason for the block is getting a small amount of these resources. That is, except for one frustrating to build melee weapon. Here’s how to get the Sibear in Warframe.

Materials Needed to Get the Sibear in Warframe

The Sibear’s construction requirements start out innocently enough. You’ll need 50,000 Alloy Plate, which is easy enough, and the Magistar melee, which is quite cheap to build once you have its blueprint off the in-game Market. The difficult part is the staggering 30,000 Cryotic it takes to build the weapon. This makes it the most expensive Cryotic requirement for any item in the game, with only a particular Archwing weapon and Ephemera coming close to reaching 30,000. To put it into perspective, to get just this weapon, you’ll need to do 300 excavation digs.

How to Build the Sibear in Warframe the Easy Way

There are a few things you can do to speed the process up, though. First and foremost, get a Resource Booster (NOT a Drop Chance Booster) as soon as possible. This doubles the Cryotic you get from each dig and brings it down from 300 digs to 150. You’ll also want to bring some allies willing to run a long excavation mission since running multiple digs at once speeds up the process. Other than that, it’s purely a matter of time.

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I wouldn’t suggest putting this much effort in for a weapon unless you’re really desperate for that bit of Mastery progress. This is going to take a ton of time, so only do it once there’s essentially nothing else you can do in the game. It isn’t even that great of a melee weapon either, so it’s pointless to keep around once you hit level 30 with it. If you’re looking for weapons worth keeping around in Warframe, Incarnon weapons are far more valuable, as our guide explains.

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