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How to Get Twitch Drops for Nitro Stream Racing

Race your way to get those drops

by Patrick Souza
Nitro Stream Racing Feature

Nitro Stream Racing is a new, interesting take on streamer-viewer interaction, allowing viewers to compete in kart races representing a streamer of their choice. In order to customize your racer and your vehicle, you need to either buy them directly with money or earn coins by participating in races. But since this is a Twitch-based game, they also have Twitch Drops available.

And you can grab those free coins and a few customization items for free by simply watching others play Nitro Stream Racing. Here’s what you need to do.

How to Claim Nitro Stream Racing Twitch Drops

Your Twitch account must be connected to before you can claim those items. You’re required to do so when first creating your Nitro Stream Racing account, but if you haven’t done so yet, you can start by logging into your Twitch account and heading to the Drops and Rewards page.

In the All Campaigns tab, scroll down until you find Nitro Stream Racing. Click on the “Connect” icon at the bottom to create your account and immediately link it to your Twitch account (hit the “Refresh” button if it doesn’t update immediately). 

Now all you gotta do is watch any streamer playing the game for a while and you’ll eventually claim all of the rewards. It will require a total of 6 hours to get all Drops, and you can check your progress periodically on the Drops Inventory page.

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All Nitro Stream Racing Twitch Drops Listed

These are all the freebies you get through drops. There are actually some interesting things like a new driver and two car wraps.

Screenshot by Prima Games
  • 30 minutes – 500 Coins
  • 1 hour – De Luxe – Red Nitro Wrap
  • 2 hours – Honk – Cheers
  • 3 hours – Driver – Pronto
  • 4 hours – Flag – Nitro
  • 6 hours – De Luxe – Rainbow Wrap

The campaign goes from March 12, 9:00 PM to March 19, 3:00 PM GMT-3, so don’t miss out on those!

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