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How to Get Tokens in Rec Room: Tokens Guide

Free-to-play games and currency farming go hand in hand.

by Nikola L

Rec Room is a social game that’s available on a plethora of platforms for free (PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Android, iOS, Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2) and it also has great VR support. It also has a very creative community that constantly invents new mini-games – modders made a full-on Star Wars lightsaber fight mode, for example.

Tokens are the currency used in Rec Room, and there are various ways to obtain them. Here are the best ways to get Tokens in Rec Room.

Best Way to Get Tokens in Rec Room

The fastest way to obtain Tokens in Rec Rooms is, without a doubt, to purchase them with real money in the in-game store, but if you are not willing to invest your cash in this free-to-play game, there are alternate ways.

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Back in 2020, the developers held a referral event that rewarded you with Tokens if you successfully refer someone to play the Rec Room. At the time of writing, the referral option is not available but it could open up again in the future so keep your eyes peeled.

Another way to earn Tokens is to participate in the “Rec Room Originals” AKA different game modes. You can access them from the Play menu (press TAB). We’ve tried out Paintball and, at the end of the match, we got the choice between a couple of cosmetics and the flat token reward (50 of them to be precise, for a Tie match). However, like in any free-to-play title, developers are making the process of earning the currency difficult in order to “guide” you into investing real money into the game.

The first victory of the day guarantees a box, while any wins after that may randomly assign you a box, which is, of course, too much grind for some players. All in all, it is fun for what it is, it’s free, and you can try it alone or with friends and get at least a few hours of fun.

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