How to Get to Whetstone in Starfield

Everyone's favorite fancy restaurant.

Starfield Whetstone
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While you explore some of the major settlements that Starfield has to offer, you’re bound to come across plenty of stores that are well worth exploring. Some of these might just have simple things like coffee or the ability to change your appearance, while others could have entire arsenals to kit yourself out for your next adventure. One such location doesn’t have much use, though it is required for one specific side mission. Here’s how to get to Whetstone in Starfield.

Where to Find Whetstone in Starfield

Starfield Whetstone Pathway
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To reach the Whetstone restaurant in Starfield, you’ll first want to fast-travel to the Commercial District of New Atlantis. This can either be done from the planet map or by traveling there using the New Atlantis Transit tram. Once you arrive, make your way to the left and up the winding ramp surrounding the Terrabrew Coffee joint. Once you’re at the top of the ramp, Whetstone should be pretty impossible to miss.

Starfield Whetstone Alara Katrango
Screenshot by Prima Games

Once you’re in Whetstone, speak with the receptionist Alara Katrango. Select the dialogue option “I’d like to see what’s on the menu,” and she’ll offer up all sorts of foods and drinks. When I went there, she offered different types of wine (including a Chunks wine cube), different fancy delicacies like a slab of rips, and a baguette. Who doesn’t want a baguette?

How to Find Warner’s Lost Data Slate During Beautiful Secrets in Starfield

During the mission Beautiful Secrets, you’ll be helping the Enhance store owner find his lost data slate. It’ll be located within Whetstone, so go up the ramp to it. Once you’re inside the restaurant, head to the back, and you’ll find the data slate in one of the booths. From there, bring it back to Warner to complete that mission.

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