Starfield UC Distribution Center
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How to Find the UC Distribution Center in Starfield

A great place to sell your unwanted goods.

As you explore the vast and expansive cities of Starfield, you’re bound to find a lot of shops that each offer something new for you to purchase or sell. Some of these are more generalized stores, with a wide variety of goods to purchase, while others are much more focused and offer a wider selection of specific categories. One such store is more generalized, though it’s a little bit confusing to get to. Here’s how to find the UC Distribution Center in Starfield.

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Where to Find the UC Distribution Center in Starfield

Starfield Wen Tseng UC Distribution Center
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The UC Distribution Center is naturally found in the city of New Atlantis, located on the planet of Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system. Once you’ve landed, either fast-travel or use the New Atlantis Transit train to make your way over to the Commercial District. Once you’ve arrived, make your way over the pond directly in front of you. You should see the UC Distribution Center directly to the right.

Once you’re inside the Distribution Center, there is only one vendor you want to be concerned with. That is Wen Tseng, who can be found behind the main counter. Speaking with her, you’ll find a wide range of items for purchase. This includes weapons, ammo, spacesuits, packs, and much more. Name it, and that type of item is probably in her shop.

How to Reset the UC Distribution Center’s Stock in Starfield

Starfield UC Distribution Center Couches
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If you’re not happy with the current stock Ms. Tseng is offering or have already bought everything but want more, you can reset her stock. To do so, sit at one of the many couches in the store and wait 24 in-game hours. Check her stock again, and it should be refreshed.

If you’re looking for help with finding some other shops, check out our guide on how to find Centaurian Arsenal in Starfield.

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