How to Get to the Centaurian Arsenal in Starfield

If you aren't doing enough damage with your tools of trade, this is a great place to fix that.

Starfield Centaurian Arsenal Weapon Shop
Centaurian Arsenal | Screenshot by Prima Games

The weapons and supplies you find while exploring Starfield’s rich world can often suffice for most jobs. However, if you want to maximize your potential and ensure ammo is never an issue, then visiting weapon stores and spending some money is super helpful. One such store is the earliest you can find in the game and offers some great tools for destruction. Here’s how to get to the Centaurian Arsenal in Starfield.

Where to Find the Centaurian Arsenal Store in Starfield

Starfield Centaurian Arsenal From Fast Travel
Image via Prima Games.

Centaurian Arsenal can be found in the city of New Atlantis on the planet of Jemison. It’s one of the first cities you visit after completing the intro, so finding it shouldn’t be the issue. Once you’re in the spaceport, head down the ramp and through the security checkpoint on the far side. If you continue past the large winding statue, you’ll find a tram with a few locations. You’ll want to select the Residential District, which is a strange place to put a weapons store.

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Once there, you should see the Centaurian Arsenal store straight ahead. It’s tough to miss with its large bronze walls and the large yellow writing above it. Run over there and head through the front door.

What Does Centaurian Arsenal Offer?

Starfield Maya Griffon
Image via Prima Games.

Once inside you’ll want to speak to Anya Griffon, the clerk of Centaurian Arsenal, and select the dialogue option “Let’s see what you have for sale.”. This will open up her shop window which shows a few dozen weapons and plenty of ammo options. When I went there for this guide, she was selling some great weapons like the Drum Beat and Bridger, alongside my favorite sniper the Hard Target.

If you happen to not see something you like, it’s no big deal. There’s a handful of seats in the store where you can sit down and wait 24 in-game hours. This will reset her inventory, meaning there’ll be a handful of new weapons to choose from. This also resets her ammo supplies, so you should buy some before sitting down and waiting if needed.

If you’re looking for more weapons that she may or may not be selling, check out our guide on all weapons in Starfield.

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