How to Get to the Bessel Star System in Starfield

A unique dungeon, some randomly generated events, and resources.

Starfield Bessel Star System The Sonder
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There are quite a few fantastic planets in the starter systems, right around Sol, Narion, and Alpha Centauri, and this is one system with both a dungeon and resource-rich planets to explore. Here is how to get to the Bessel Star System in Starfield.

Where to Find the Bessel Star System in Starfield

To reach the Bessel Star System in Starfield, a minor level 10 system, start from Alpha Centauri and travel directly north past Sol. It’s a dual-system, sitting alongside Piazzi, with just three planets and two moons to explore.

Even if you’re just using The Frontier, you should reach Bessel without any issues, even in a single jump, so fret not.

Bessel Star System Stats, Planets, and Moons

Starfield Bessel Star System Planets
Screenshot by Prima Games
Level: 10Mass: 0.60SM
Class: K7Magnitude:8.33
ID: GL 820BPlanets:3
Temperature: 4045KMoons:2

As for the few planets and moons in the system, they include:

  • Bessel I
  • Bessel II
  • Bessel III
    • Bessel III-a
    • Bessel III-b

What You’ll Find in the Bessel Star System in Starfield

With only three main planets and two moons to explore, Bessel is a bit bland. If it weren’t for The Sonder, a derelict space station under the command of Spacers, then there would be little worthwhile here to explore. But The Sonder is fun. It’s a dank, dark, and cramped dungeon with many mid-level Spacer enemies to tackle. The toughest one I faced was the “boss” at the end, 10 levels higher than my main character.

Otherwise, you’ll find the usual random events, a few blips on the radar, and procedurally generated points of interest on the planets themselves. Oh, and they have Chunks to Go!

When you’re done exploring Bessel, we recommend taking a trip to Carinae. It has slightly higher level requirements but enough to entice anyone to take up the challenge!

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