How to Get to the Carinae Star System in Starfield

A quick jump and a little adventure.

Starfield Carinae Star System Planetside
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Whether you’re working for Ryujin Industries or building an outpost empire, the Carinae Star System is one worth exploring further. Here is how to get to the Carinae Star System in Starfield!

Where to Find the Carinae Star System in Starfield

Starfield Carinae Flight Path
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Despite being a level 20 star system, the Carinae Star System in Starfield is quite close to the “starter” zone in the game, right above Sol, Alpha Centauri, and Narion. If you have a strong enough Grav Drive, you can make it to Carinae directly from Alpha Centauri in a single leap. If not, hit Sol, then jump up.

Once you arrive, you’ll note it’s a relatively small system. There are only five planets and twice as many moons, many of which are barren planets but resource-heavy. It’s a fine place to put down an outpost.

But the most interesting aspect here is CM Station RC-1. It’s a unique point of interest you’ll likely want to visit at least once. It’s also part of the Ryujin Industries questline.

Carinae Star System Stats, Planets, and Moons

Starfield Carinae Planets
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Level: 20Mass: 0.56SM
Class: K7Magnitude: 8.63
ID: GL 34BPlanets: 5
Temperature: 4045KMoons: 9

When it comes to planets and moons to explore, the Carinae Star System includes:

  • Carinae I
  • Carinae II
    • Carinae II-b
  • Carinae III
    • Carinae III-a
    • Carinae III-b
    • Carinae III-c
    • Carinae III-d
  • Carinae IV
    • Carinae IV-a
  • Carinae V
    • Carinae V-a
    • Carinae V-b
    • Carinae V-c

What You’ll Find in the Carinae Star System in Starfield

Starfield Carinae Derelict Ship
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While most likely procedurally generated, one of the most interesting points of interest I stumbled upon in the Carinae Star System was a derelict ship. It was quite sizable, and I immediately knew something was wrong by the heavy footsteps. As it turns out, the entire crew perished, and a group of heavily armed and armored combat robots took control of the multi-floor ship. It was simple enough to handle but fun to clear.

Elsewhere, there was a Ship signal and CM Station RC-1. Overall, it’s a quiet system, and most of the planets prove hostile, thanks to extreme weather conditions.

If you’re exploring the various star systems in Starfield, we recommend taking a trip to Algorab. It’s small but resource-rich!

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