How to Get to the Algorab Star System in Starfield

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Starfield Algorab GalBank Transport
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The Algorab Star System may not have as many planets as other larger systems, but that doesn’t mean it lacks important resources and interesting points of interest. Here’s how to get to the Algorab Star System in Starfield.

Where to Find Algorab Star System in Starfield

Starfield Algorab Flight Path
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To successfully reach the Algorab Star System, you’ll want to begin your journey in Porrima, then jump south to Alchiba, and finally down to Algorab. Even with an upgraded Grav Drive, I was forced to make multiple stops along the way. It’s a long jump, as Algorab Star System is a high-level zone. It’s level 70!

Once you reach Algorab, expect to find a small handful of planets and moons. It’s certainly not the most prominent star system in the game, though there’s plenty to see and do, especially if you love exploration and surveying.

Algorab Star System Stats, Planets, and Moons

Starfield Algorab Planets
Screenshot by Prima Games
Level: 70Mass: 2.74SM
Class: B9Magnitude: 0.81
ID: UnknownPlanets: 3
Temperature:10500KMoons: 5

As for the planets and moons in the Algorab Star System, you will find:

  • Algorab I
  • Algorab II
  • Algorab III
    • Algorab III-a
    • Algorab III-b
    • Algorab III-c
    • Algorab III-d
    • Algorab III-e

What You’ll find in the Algorab Star System in Starfield

Upon jumping into the Algorab Star System, I immediately noticed a small number of events and points of interest to discover. Right off the bat, there was the GalBank Armored Transport, Hostile Activity, and Sensor Contact in the northern section of the star system. The GalBank Armored Transport is the most interesting, especially if you play a pirate build character. You can hail them, then demand everything they’re carrying in an act of piracy.

As for the other contacts, they’re random so you may wind up with something completely different.

I do recommend landing on Algorab II, as it’s a busy planet with numerous factories and industrial points of interest. There are many resources to uncover, including Carboxylic Acids, Chlorine, and Lithium.

When you’re done exploring this system, why not track down Ourea? It’s a unique planet with plenty of resources for crafting and research in Starfield!

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