Where to Find Ourea in Starfield

A barren planet or a haven for resources?

Starfield Ourea Planet Surface
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With so many unique and beautiful planets and moons to explore, explorers have their work cut out for them while playing Starfield. Like when you’re trying to track down Ourea in a sea of thousands, but don’t fret because here is where to find Ourea in Starfield.

How to Get to Ourea in Starfield

You’ll find Ourea in Starfield within the Olympus Star System, just a short hop from Alpha Centauri and New Atlantis. Even the starter ship, The Frontier, can make the leap to Olympus without any issues, so you’ll find yourself exploring this seemingly barren planet in no time.

Once you arrive in the Olympus Star System, locate the second planet from the system’s star, down in the bottom right of the sector.

What You’ll Find on Ourea

Don’t get too excited because Ourea is relatively dead, besides a few procedurally generated points of interest. In my version of Ourea, I found plenty of human outposts, settlements, research facilities, and factories. A surprising amount of structures overall. It’s a relatively hostile planet, so imagine my shock when I found humanity.

What I didn’t find, unfortunately, was any handcrafted content, flora, or fauna to examine. It’s a resource-rich planet that is more than ideal for an outpost.

How to 100% Survey Ourea in Starfield

Planet Traits3


  • Argon
  • Benzene
  • Carboxylic Acids
  • Copper
  • Iridium
  • Uranium
  • Vanadium
  • Water

Planet Traits

  • Active Faulting: Scan Colossal Shards.
  • Prismatic Plumes: Scan Crystalline Pools.
  • Sonorous Lithosphere: Scan Oscillating Crystals

If you’re actively searching for resource-rich planets to construct an outpost on, we recommend checking out Washakie in Starfield. It’s a fantastic little planet with plenty of resources, including Benzene, Uranium, Neon, and Silver.

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