How to Get to the Al-Battani Star System in Starfield

Track down this mid-level star system for plenty of resources!

Starfield Al-Battani Planetside
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With so many unique star systems to discover, how do you track down a single interesting system among a sea of them? Here is how to get to the Al-Battani Star System in Starfield to discover unique resources for crafting and research!

Where to Find the Al-Battani Star System

Starfield Al-Battani Flight Path
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The quickest way to get to the Al-Battani Star System in Starfield is by beginning at Volii, where you’ll find Neon, and then jumping directly to the former. That is so long as your starship has a powerful enough Grav Drive to make the jump.

On one character, I had to hit Porrima first, then Al-Battani. But on my main character, with a super-up spaceship, I could make the jump easily in a single shot.

It’s important to note that, no matter how you get there, the Al-Battani Star System is level 35, making it a mid-game system with powerful enemies. Sure, you can visit when you’re at a low level but don’t be shocked when the local fauna wipes you out.

Planets and Moons in the Al-Battani Star System

Starfield Al-Battani Planets
Screenshot by Prima Games
Level: 35Magnitude: 6.11
Class: G5Temperature: 5575K
ID: NN 3781APlanets: 8
Mass: 0.93SMMoons:12

In the Al-Battani Star System, you will find the following planets and moons:

  • Al-Battani I
    • Al-Battani I-a
    • Al-Battani I-b
    • Al-Battani I-c
  • Al-Battani II
  • Al-Battani III
    • Al-Battani III-a
    • Al-Battani III-b
  • Al-Battani IV
    • Al-Battani IV-a
    • Al-Battani IV-b
  • Al-Battani V
    • Al-Battani V-a
  • Al-Battani VI
    • Al-Battani VI-a
    • Al-Battani VI-b
  • Al-Battani VII
    • Al-Battani VII-a
  • Al-Battani VIII
    • Al-Battani VIII-a

What You’ll Find in the Al-Battani Star System

You won’t find much of interest beyond resources and outpost potential within the Al-Battani Star System. In my game, I received a distress call for LIST upon entering the system, and there was a Sensor Contact near one moon.

Otherwise, you’ll discover plenty of procedurally generated points of interest. The Al-Battani Star System, while mid-level, is generally good for outpost construction and resource generation, not so much for quests.

If you’re on a quest to explore every star system in Starfield, stick with us, as we have plenty more guides to come!

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