How to Get to Lost Sector Bunker E15 in Destiny 2

Today's Lost Sector brought to you by Bray Security Drones.

Destiny 2 has ample hidden nooks and mini-encounters called Lost Sectors. These are one of the best ways to farm out bounties in the game, with most players being able to knock out many of them in a handful of minutes. But every day at 9 AM a new Lost Sector is chosen for Master and Legend Difficulty. That means that for 24 hours, you can farm these Lost Sectors for a coveted Exotic Piece. That’s likely why you’re here, so here’s how to get to Bunker E15 in Destiny 2.

How to Get to Lost Sector Bunker E15 in Destiny 2

First thing’s first. Today’s Lost Sector is in Europa. Head over to the Eventide Ruins fast travel point. Bunker E15 will be almost a stone’s throw away from where we spawn in. But its entrance is concealed.

From where you spawn, jump down and immediately turn around. The Lost Sector Bunker E15 is actually behind us. Head up the stairs, and you’ll find a large square structure with a ridge you can jump onto.

Yeah, I’m telling you to go into the creepy hole

Jump up onto it, then down, and you’ll find yourself at the entrance of Bunker E15. This is maybe one of the most conveniently located Lost Sectors in the game, and one of my favorites to farm, especially on Legend Difficulty, as you have the added benefit of having the Bray Security Drones helps you with the annoying waves of enemies inside.

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Just interact with the flag and you’ll have the option of launching the Lost Sector at Legend Difficulty. Here are the status modifiers you can expect:

 Today’s Lost Sector Stats are:

Legend Difficulty

  • Locked Equipment
  • Match Game
  • Extra Shields


  • Barrier
  • Overload


  • Burn: Void
  • Shields: Void


  • Shocker – When defeated, Goblins spawn Arc pools that cause damage over time

Recommended Power

  • 1580


  • Enhancement Core (uncommon)
  • Exotic Helm (rare)

Good luck getting that Exotic Helm, Guardian! This is honestly one of the best Legend Lost Sectors to farm, so the Traveler smiles on us. Oh! And before you go, did you know there’s a hidden Security Drone in this Lost Sector? These Drones are used to open the door in Operation: Seraph’s Shield and will allow you to access the hidden treasure behind it. You’ll find it in an off-room where you face the largest hoard of enemies. If you want more details, click the related link above.

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