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After completing dozens of hours in main quests and exploring each and every single corner of the previous regions, it’s time to head for Fontaine, the fifth region in Genshin Impact. And even if you’re not completely caught up with all content yet, the devs made it way easier this time. Getting to the new region is quite easy, and here’s all you need to do.

How to Reach Fontaine in Genshin Impact

Fontaine can be accessed directly even if you’ve not been exploring the new areas for a while. Following the 4.0 update, all players who complete Mondstadt’s Archon Quests (ending in “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”) will automatically unlock a teleport at the northeast area in the Realm of Farakhkert.

Genshin Impact Reach Fontaine Location
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Mondstadt’s Archon Quests are the game’s introductory act, and you can quickly get through them after reaching Adventure Rank 20. From this point onward, open the world map and head west to Sumeru’s desert until you find your unlocked Waypoint. Head to it, and a cutscene will play. Grab the Waverider to reach the port in Fontaine in a few seconds of riding!

Genshin Impact Reach Fontaine Boat
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From here on, you’re already in Fontaine. Climb up the stairs and grab the Aquebus for the first time to reach the city’s outskirts. You’re on your own now to start exploring, so have fun!

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You can reach the area as soon as you complete the Mondstadt’s quests, but you can’t progress through Fontaine’s own Archon Quests until you complete all of Sumeru’s. You can explore most of it, however, and get your needed resources for leveling characters and weapons if you need to.

And don’t forget that you can also start farming for the new Fontaine Artifact Sets since those are, surprisingly, very useful for many characters instead of focusing on a few outliers.

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