Best Characters to Equip with Marechaussee Hunter in Genshin Impact

In case you forgot the nation we’re heading into will be heavily based on HP stat changes

Genshin Impact has a bit of a weird fixation with the HP stat recently, and heading into Fontaine, that isn’t about to change since Marechaussee Hunter, one of the two Artifact sets you can grind for, is based on health. At least, it’s 4-Piece Effect is, but this means that Travelers can take advantage of mixing and matching Artifact Sets since Marechaussee has a Normal Attack boost.

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Marechaussee Hunter Artifact Effects in Genshin Impact

  • 2-Piece Set: Normal and Charged Attack Damage Increases by 15%.
  • 4-Piece Set: When Current HP increases or decreases, CRIT Rate will be increased by 12% for five seconds. Maxes up to three stacks.

Best Characters for the 4-Piece Marechaussee Hunter Artifact Set in Genshin Impact

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Lyney’s kit might be quite familiar to you since Genshin has a habit of making their Pyro characters take damage or sacrificing health. Lyney’s build will be no different and closely resemble Hu Tao’s in terms of him working off massive scales of Health for damage and being near low health for maximum damage. So each time he sacrifices Health, his damage will increase with the help of Marechaussee Hunter. Just be sure to have a healer on deck, just in case. 


This is a bit of a stretch since Dehya has been a unit in Genshin Impact that has been the crux of many builders and team composers. But if Dehya is taking damage, then her health is taking a hit, especially with her Elemental Skill on the field. This will allow for her Crit Rate to increase and allow her to deal damage if you build her HP, Attack, and Crit Damage. I’m pessimistic with this build since, after spending many hours on my own Dehya’s build, I find that the only thing that makes me happy is making her a sole tank based on HP or creating a fairly balanced DPS build using Emblem of the Severed Fate. 

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Hu Tao

Hu Tao is the queen of losing and gaining HP, playing along the lines of her health bar like it’s a sort of fiddle. So naturally, she is going to be in this list of characters that would greatly benefit from Marechaussee Hunter. Hu Tao loses HP every time she uses her Elemental Skill, but this, in turn, enhances her Normal Attack and does Pyro Damage, especially if she uses her Charged Attack and hits enemies with a Blossom Flower. Her Elemental Burst also helps her gain back Health as well, so no matter which way you cut it, it looks like this new artifact set is going to be another one in the bag for Hu Tao. At least this will save you from farming for Crimson Witch any further. 


For characters that lose health, it should go to show that those who gain health should be able to take advantage of Marechaussee Hunter’s effects as well. Kokomi is a fantastic healer who comes with a hilarious flaw of having a negative 100 Crit Rate in her build. Travelers from all over have taken the grand task of restoring Crit Rate back into Kokomi, but this often doesn’t need to be done since you can build Kokomi’s damage just fine without it. Still, this Artifact Set is sure to make it a lot easier since if you rebuild Kokomi, she’ll not only be the best healer in the game, but she will also return to dealing damage during her Burst, where she attacks with Normal Attacks and Charged Attacks. 

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Bonus Characters that Benefit from Marechaussee Hunter in Genshin Impact

The 4-Piece Effect of Marechaussee Hunter leaves it as a very niche effect, one that I would dare say borders on an Artifact set solely meant for new characters like Genshin Impact has done before. But it is open enough to where it can be used based on how you play certain characters. Healers and those who sacrifice HP can benefit from this full set, but it can be just as easy to pick the 2-Piece and mix and match it with another set to better cater to other characters.

Here are a few honorable mentions of characters who can also benefit from Marechaussee Hunter, even if it’s not at the full 4-Piece Set:

  • Freminet: Freminent is a mini-Eula in the making, but until we know more about the details of his kit, it’s hard to say what he’ll scale off of. But we do know Physical Damage and his Normal Attack do get enhanced with a special ability we’ll see later
  • Kaveh: His burst enhances his Normal Attack and overlays it with Dendro Damage
  • Alhaitham: Skill and Burst enhance his Normal and Charged Attack, overlaying it with Dendro
  • Itto: Burst enhances his Normal Attack and Charged Attack due to his Oni Stacks
  • Ganyu: The 2-Piece effect will further enhance Ganyu’s Charged Attacks
  • Yoimiya: Yoimiya’s style can benefit from both having a Charged Shot but mostly by the enhanced Normal Attack she gains that is then infused with Pyro after she uses her Skill
  • Tighnari: Similar to Ganyu, he’ll benefit from the Charged Attack Bonus, triply so given that he gets to fire off three shortened Charged Attacks before he runs out
  • Tartaglia: This is probably why he is also in Fontaine. He doesn’t have any good artifact sets to choose from in Sumeru, so that’s why we didn’t see him there. 
  • Ayato: Just add speed to him and he is Lightning McQueen, slashing through all of his enemies. 
  • Keqing: Similar to Alhaitham, Kequing’s attack can be infused with Electro after her Skill so any buff she gains can enhance her, even if you built her to be physical.
  • Catalyst Users will generally benefit from this type of 2-Piece effect, but oftentimes, you’ll likely be better off building them off in other ways rather than building into their Normal and Charged Attacks.

Marechaussee Hunter is a bit of a stretch for some of these characters, but it’s also more of a niche Artifact set. We’re likely to see more unique builds in the future that will align with this, such as how Lyney is premiering alongside it. That’s not the only one we have, so be sure to visit our Best Characters for Golden Troupe Artifact Set and stick with us as we gear up for the next chapter in Genshin Impact.

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