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How to Get Thunderlord in Destiny 2

They return from fields afar. The eye has passed, the end nears. Do not fade quietly. Let thunder reign again.

by Daphne Fama

If you like big guns that do even bigger damage, then Thunderlord might be the Exotic Machine Gun for you. Here’s how to get Thunderlord in Destiny 2.

How to Get Thunderlord in Destiny 2

Sure, we may have received Deterministic Chaos in Lightfall, but Thunderlord is a Machine Gun that can absolutely shred in PvE encounters. And if you’re struggling with the Lieutenants that spawn in the third encounter of Root of Nightmares, this gun will help you melt them.

Fortunately, getting your hands on Thunderlord is fairly straightforward. This Exotic Machine Gun was released in Year One of Destiny 2 and, like most Year One Exotics, it’s part of the world loot pool. You can find it as an extremely rare drop in playlist activities or just playing randomly. So, pick your favorite activity and hope for the best.

But once you do get Thunderlord, you might wonder how good it really is.

Its Exotic Perk, Reign Havoc, ensures that final blows with this weapon generate stunning lightning strikes from above. And with the buff it’s received in Lightfall, Thunderlord is now strong against Disruption Overload Champions.

But Thunderlord truly excels once you get its Catalyst. Like the gun itself, its Catalyst can be obtained by completing playlist activities. And once you have it, you’ll need to grind out enough kills for you to equip it. Usually, that’s around 500 kills.

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If you have the Lightfall Expansion, I recommend Neomuna and its Terminal Overload activity as there’s always ample Heavy Ammo boxes. Alternatively, the Defiant Battlegrounds.

Once you have the Catalyst, you’ll gain access to Feeding Frenzy. With Feeding Frenzy, each rapid kill with this weapon progressively increases reload speed for a short time. This makes it great for clearing mobs in the center of intense encounters.

If you haven’t grabbed Deterministic Chaos yet, here’s our guide on how to do just that: How to Complete the Quest What Remains in Destiny 2

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