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How to Complete the Quest What Remains in Destiny 2

BRB, heading to the birthplace of the Vex for a gun

by Daphne Fama

What Remains is part of the Exotic Quest Unfinished Business, so let’s jump right into it. Here’s how to complete the Quest What Remains in Destiny 2.

How to Complete the Quest What Remains in Destiny 2

Upon interacting with the banner at the chasm in Maya’s Retreat, you’ll find yourself in a lush landscape. It’s beautiful. Now, we have to find the Conceptual Mind, take its memory core, and get out. I have a feeling it won’t let go of that core without a fight.

Find Conceptual Mind

Head down the verdant, flower-flecked pathway. You’ll soon find a river of Vex milk. They sure do love their rivers of Vex milk. Platform across.

Knock Out Vex Shields

You’ll meander into an open valley with several currently inactive Vex gates. A lot of Vex will spawn. Fanatics and Minotaur, and in the distance, three Hydra and one Cyclops. Take them out however you like. We’ll need to defeat the Hydra to drop the barriers around the floating white Vex cubes.

Once the barriers around the Vex cubes are down, shoot the Vex cubes to destroy them.

There is one hidden cube. Look down the edge of the cliff, following the white strand. The cube will be protected by a barrier. Jump down to the ledge beside the cube, then shoot it.

Follow the platform you’re standing on around until you reach a waterwheel.

Find Conceptual Mind

Climb back up to the main area, where you killed all the Hydra and Cyclops. But follow the cliff’s edge. You’ll eventually see some green cubes you can platform down. Do so, then follow the narrow ridge below.

When you round the curve, you’ll see a motherboard-looking layer on the side of the cliff. Periodically, a cuboid will jut out of it, just to ruin your day. Make sure it doesn’t knock you off the cliff.

Keep following the cliff, using the narrow ridge along it. Do not get distracted by all the other cool platforms on your right!

Once the ridge along the cliff ends, jump across to the narrow ridge on your right and keep working your way forward. You’ll see an opening in the cliff. Jump to it and you’ll find yourself in Undergrowth.

Pursue Nimbus

Is anyone surprised to see Nimbus is here? No? Okay, cool. Jump through the circular opening on your right.

Pass Security Protocol

As you head down the corridor, a lot of Exploding Harpy will throw themselves at you. Ideally, kill them before they kill you.

At the very end of the passage will be a Minotaur. Kill him and he’ll drop an Arc Relic. Use the Arc Relic to shoot the floating square just beneath the shielded Vex cube. This will cause the beam to reflect up and destroy the cube.

You’ll now need to use the moving platforms to jump very quickly across the corridor. Or… you can just jump across. Which is what I did. Interact with the Vex structure at the center of the enclosed area, which looks suspiciously like an arena.

But it’s not! Not really. A few Goblin and a Minotaur will spawn in. Kill the Minotaur and take its skull. Walk around the arena until you see the Vex cube with a floating square beside it. Shoot the square, break the cube. Walk around the arena until you find the second Vex cube with a square beside it. Shoot that square and break the cube. If it’s not quite hitting the Vex cube, move around a little until it does.

Once both cubes are broken, you’ll gain access to a new narrow corridor.

Clear Combatant Forces

Ahead of you, you’ll see the Taken fighting the Vex. Fight your way through both and be wary of Exploding Harpy. Once all the Harpy and Taken are down, the barrier will fall.

Pursue Nimbus

Nimbus will take the easy portal and we’ll be forced to platform around the trees. There are plenty of Taken and moving obstacles that will want to knock you off your perch, so be careful!

Destroy the Taken Blights

Once you jump on the first platform, you’ll be given a new task: destroy the Taken Blights. There are three, made distinctive by their black, dome-like structures. One is on your left, one is on your right, and one is straight ahead, sort of beneath a platform and on the cliff.

It’s a good idea to snipe as many enemies as possible with a Scout Rifle or Pulse Rifle. You don’t want to get pushed off the edge by a Taken Ogre or blasted down by a Taken Wizard.

The only way to kill a blight is to step into the dome and shoot at its core!

Once all three are gone, make your way to the Vex portal that will open.

Pursue Nimbus

Enter the portal. You’ll be in Embrace of the Black Garden. Platform up the giant trunk, worked through with rock. You’ll be on a plateau, filled with red and white flowers. At the very end of it will be Nimbus. Approach him.

He’ll be contemplating a weapon on the ground. Deterministic Chaos. Nimbus will give it to you and return to Neomuna. But that’s okay, because now we have a cool Exotic Heavy Weapon.

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Unfortunately, we still need to get through the boss fight.

Reach Conceptual Mind

Now, we have to fight our way through the Vex to get to the Conceptual Mind. Head deeper into the garden.

You’ll get a lot of Taken and Vex spawns moving forward, but it’s clear that Bungie really wants you to use your new Machine Gun, because there are permanent Heavy Ammo drops everywhere. That means you can use Deterministic Chaos to melt through everything in your way. It really trivializes the hoards you’ll be facing.

Eventually you’ll hit another Vex barrier, but the method for bringing it down is the same. Shoot the square, your bullets will hit the Vex cube, the Vex cube will break. Hit the next square and the next Vex cube will break. The barrier will fall.

You can now platform across the long tunnel ahead of you.

Defeat the Conceptual Mind

You’ll enter a large arena with the Conceptual Mind, a giant Hydra. The Conceptual Mind will summon quite a few Goblins and Exploding Hydra. Clear out the mobs then lower the Conceptual Mind’s health by one third.

The Conceptual Mind will gain an impenetrable Overshield and retreat while summoning a new hoard of Exploding Harpy and Goblins. There’s also a permanent Heavy Ammo drop a little more center of the map, in front of the statue. But I wouldn’t recommend standing there.

Chase the Conceptual Mind through the next Vex gate by destroying the Vex cubes. Do this by shooting the squares. If the square isn’t breaking, move either left or right and keep shooting until it does.

The Vex barrier will drop and you can shoot the Conceptual Mind again. Deterministic Chaos is really brutal here, and it’ll lose another third of its health extremely quickly. It will then run away.

Chase it over the Vex milk river, but note the moment you jump onto a platform a huge hoard of Harpy will spawn. Not the exploding kind, thankfully, but be wary regardless.

Kill them, then continue after the Conceptual Mind. It will now have an extra layer of shields on it. Guess how you drop that extra shield? By shooting a square that destroys a Vex Cube. There are two Vex cubes and two squares behind the Conceptual Mind.

Once the Vex Cubes are down, take out the last remaining chunk of the Conceptual Mind, and the mission will end. Return to Nimbus with the blueprint, and the mission is done. Congrats!

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