Devastated Settlement Jedi Survivor
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How to Get Through the Devastated Settlement in Jedi Survivor: Full Guide

What's the Koboh Matter?

Enemies are the least of your worries as you attempt to make your way through the Devastated Settlement in Jedi Survivor. This area of the Stone Spires is just one leg in the main story of the game where puzzles and platforms will be the largest obstacles before reaching Cal’s objective.

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Along with all of the puzzles and chambers in the area, there is an entirely new mechanic for BD-1 introduced about halfway through the mission. To help you make your way out of the Stone Spires, I’ll go over how to easily bypass the Koboh puzzles and reach your research.

Jedi Survivor – How to Solve the Devastated Settlement Puzzles

There are three different puzzles and chambers that need to be completed in the Stone Spires to make it all the way to the top. Each one involves a chamber with an orb that needs to be placed on the mounts outside the chamber. Don’t worry, these aren’t like the Jedi Chambers entirely. The goal is to get all the orbs outside so the Koboh Matter vines can be burnt away on the volcanic vents below. With the vents open, the Relters can be used to fly higher up. But the puzzles come first.

Devastated Settlement Puzzle Solution #1:

  • Enter the chamber and look towards the glass. You can slip through the middle to the other side.
  • Pull the orb out of the mount and turn around.
  • Throw the orb on the wall mount found on the right side of the glass.
  • Walk back through the main glass and take the orb to the mount outside.
  • Melt the vines away on the first vent and make use of the Relter.

After this section, you’ll need another mechanic entirely to keep making progress. The good news is that you can get it from the mission itself.

Devastated Settlement Puzzle Solution #2:

  • Climb inside and you’ll see a small chasm. You need to make your way into the next room and open up the container of Koboh Matter.
  • This will give BD-1 the Koboh Matter Sprayer mechanic.
  • Make sure the purple beams are lit up and look at where the beam is hitting the wall.
  • The Koboh Matter Spray needs to start on that beam so it can be lit up.
  • Use the spray like a connective line of fire to burn away any of the vines on the wall and climb back out with orb for the second vent.

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The last puzzle is very similar to the second in that it requires the use of the Koboh Matter Spray in Jedi Survivor. The only difference here is that there is a waterfall in the way. Simply set up a beam again and connect a burning line of matter to get rid of the vines in the area. With the third orb in hand, you can make your way to the top of the Devastated Settlement. I took some extra time to use the vents and claim all the chests in the area, but you can always run to the next objective.

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