Remnant 2 Zania's Malice
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How to Get the Zania’s Malice Ring in Remnant 2

I almost want this ring in real life.

Rings! Remnant 2 is a game that’s chock full of them and shoves them just about anywhere it can on the map. Whether it be straightforward, like a boss reward, or convoluted, like being down this rabbit hole of hidden paths, you’ll find at least a few dozen on your first run-through of the game. One ring is pretty close to the beaten path, thankfully. Here’s how to get the Zania’s Malice ring in Remnant 2.

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Where to Find the Zania’s Malice Ring in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Zania's Malice Location
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To get Zania’s Malice, you’ll first want to teleport to the Ashen Wasteland checkpoint of the Root Earth section. If you haven’t reached it yet, you’ll want to progress through it until you do. Once you’re there, progress through the area like normal until you reach the first checkpoint. Nearby will be a ramp down to a horde fight in a train yard, which you don’t want to do yet. A hole in the wall will be at the top of that ramp, which you’ll want to crawl through. Inside, you’ll find the ring.

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What Does the Zania’s Malice Ring Do?

The Zania’s Malice ring isn’t the best at what it does in Remnant 2, but it’s still a formidable ring regardless. With it equipped, hitting a Weakspot (red damage) will increase Weakspot damage by 10% for seven seconds. This effect can stack up to three times, leading to a 30% increase in Weakspot damage. One weapon that seriously benefits from this ring is the Nightfall long gun, crafted by using the Nightweaver’s material. Thanks to this mod’s fast fire rate, you’ll get 30% increased damage for free.

If you’re on the hunt for more rings, check out our guide on how to get the Probability Cord ring in Remnant 2.

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