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How to Get the Z-Baller Trophy in Dead Space Remake

Basketball is my favorite sport, I like the way they hover up and down the court

by Grant Testa

Zero-G Basketball is back in the Dead Space Remake, as the fun minigame has been recreated and improved upon by Motive Studio. The sci-fi horror remake has also brought back the Z-baller PlayStation trophy and Xbox achievement, which requires players to “Complete Level 6 in Zero-G Basketball.” If you want to take a break from dismembering Necromorphs for a few minutes and shoot some hoops instead, here is your strategy guide for becoming a Z-baller and obtaining the high score in Zero-G Basketball in the Dead Space Remake.

Where to Find Zero-G Basketball in the Dead Space Remake

Zero-G Basketball can be found in the Zero-G Gym on the Crew Deck of the USG Ishimura. On your way there, keep an eye out for Necromorphs lurking in the nearby halls.

Learn the Rules

According to the findable log Z-Ball Rules text log, the game is explained as follows: “Use the Kineseis Module to grab the ball and shoot it into the rings before the timer runs out. Beating each level yields a reward that can be claimed from the lockers. When the center of a ring lights up, target that ring for a score multiplier. Play ball!”

How to Start Zero-G Basketball in the Dead Space Remake

Inside the Zero-G Gym, a panel can be used to start Zero-G Basketball. When you choose to begin Z-Ball, a timer will start counting down to the beginning of the game. At this time, you need to take off, get closer to the hoops, and wait for the basketballs to start being released.

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Practice Run of Zero-G Basketball

It is highly unlikely that you will complete Level Six of Zero-G Basketball in your first run, not because of the minigame being particularly difficult, but the fact that a few creepy Necromorph babies, or “Lurkers” as they are more commonly known, will start flinging projectiles at you midway through your first run. Dispatch the Lurkers, practice using kinesis to shoot the basketballs into the rings, and finish learning the basics of Z-Ball.

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Zero-G Basketball Tips

In Zero-G Basketball, there are three tubes that Basketballs are released from. You should position Isaac where he can quickly grab the basketballs and shoot them into the goals.

The objective of the game is to use Kinesis to throw the basketball into the rings and to reach the required level score before the timer runs out. Glowing rings award more points, so prioritize shooting the ball at them instead of regular goals. For perspective, as shown in the image above, you can clearly see that the green ring is glowing while the blue is not.

In order to finish Level Six of Zero-G Basketball, you must get a score of at least 220 points cumulatively across the six levels. As you progress from Level One through Six, the game will increase its challenge, with some metal shields occasionally blocking the rings. The wisest strategy to earn the Z-Baller achievement is to shoot as quickly as possible, particularly at glowing rings.

Once you have successfully earned 220 points in the allotted time across six levels, you will receive the Z-Baller silver PlayStation trophy or Xbox achievement worth 30 Gamerscore.

When the sixth level is completed, you will get some bonus time to play Z-Ball and set the new high score. Once you are finished playing Z-Ball, make sure to grab the items from the six lockers that will unlock upon completion of each of the corresponding six levels of Zero-G Basketball. Some of these items include the valuable Ruby Semiconductor and even a Power Node.

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