How to Get the Twisting Wounds Mutator in Remnant 2

Beware of the big rat in the sewers!

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Mutators are unique items in Remnant 2 that provide additional stats or passive buffs to the equipment on which they are used. One such Mutator is the Twisting Wounds Mutator, which applies the Bleed effect on the enemies when hit by a weapon equipped with it. Like most of the Mutators in the game, you need to get the Twisting Wounds by defeating a mini-boss, which we will talk about in detail in this guide.

Where to Find Twisting Wounds Mutator in Remnant 2?

You can get the Twisting Wounds Mutator by defeating the Grime Crawler mini-boss, also known as Gorge. This boss can be found in either one of the two locations: Cotton’s Kiln or Butcher’s Quarter in Losomn. These are located in Morrow Parish, Ironborough, or Brocwithe Quarter.

However, there is a little twist with finding the mini-boss, as it will spawn at a random location in Losomn. When you enter Cotton’s Kiln or Butcher’s Quarter, stick to the left side of the map.

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Eventually, you will come across an area that, when looked at from the map, looks like a closed area but with a space in between, as shown in the picture. You will then find a hole in the wall you can crouch under.

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Once on the other side, you must go down a hole in the ground leading to the sewers. Go down and turn to your right to find wooden ledges that you can jump on and go down further. Climb the hole on your left and then take another left to find a wooden wall you can vault over. You will then find yourself inside a maze. Take a right on the first row to find a lever, which will spawn the boss.

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The fight will be in a close-quarter area where you will have little to no room to evade or dodge Gorge’s attacks. There will also be some other enemies that will spawn with him, but you will need to focus on the boss to make it out alive. Use every ability you have to inflict as much damage as you can, and it will be defeated in no time.

As the boss fight is completed, the Twisting Wound Mutator will be automatically added to your inventory.

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