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How to Get the Secret Ending In Loverwatch Dating Sim

Another addition to your growing polycule

by Daphne Fama

Loverwatch might be the most ridiculous thing Blizzard has ever done and honestly, I’m living for it. Who hasn’t wanted to woo a few of the Overwatch heroes late into the night, trading traumas and stilted jokes over dishes like Rikimaru Ramen and fancy porridge? But did you know there’s a secret ending? With its own set of unique rewards attached? Here’s how to unlock the Secret Ending in Overwatch 2’s Dating Sim, Loverwatch.

How to Get the Secret Ending In Loverwatch Dating Sim

If you want to get the Secret Ending, you’re going to have to get your seduction pants on. You’ll need to successfully complete Mercy and Genji’s routes, accepting either their enduring friendship or eternal love.

If you find you’re struggling with either route, here’s a quick guide on how to complete both.

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Now that you’ve won both a healer and DPS’s heart, all you’ll need to do is go back to the main menu. From here, select a new game. The Secret Route (and its associated ending) will immediately begin, and it’s important that you don’t leave. If you quit out, you’ll need to either hope there’s an autosave or complete Mercy and Genji’s routes all over again.

Once you’re in the Secret Route, which I won’t spoil, you’ll face a series of questions that will be like what you experienced when romancing Mercy and Genji. The answers largely don’t matter, but I wouldn’t be too mean to your new potential friend or lover. After all, failing this route will lock you out of their unique reward, which is an event-locked title and icon.

Good luck getting that third lover, gamer!

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