Remnant 2 Royal Broadsword
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How to Get the Royal Broadsword in Remnant 2

Well it's definitely broad, I'll tell you that much.

Remnant 2’s weapons are the bread and butter of any build, especially the ones you need to work for. Sure, weapons from Brabus can be strong (especially when max level), but weapons that you find through completing boss fights or through various puzzles will almost always be stronger. One such weapon is not only great but looks pretty too. Here’s how to get the Royal Broadsword in Remnant 2.

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Where to Find the Royal Broadsword in Remnant 2

To get the Royal Broadsword, you’ll first want to roll Yaesha (ideally in Adventure Mode) until you get the Red Throne spawn location. Once you have it, progress through until you come across the Empress and her speaker. This will initiate a dialogue for which you’ll want to choose to fight. This will bring you up against four different Pan Warriors. You don’t want to fight them and instead want to let them kill you.

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This will bring you to a prison which, after speaking with the Empress, you’ll be freed from. Progress through the prison until you find a certain side room with a purple item located within. That purple item is, you guessed it, the Royal Broadsword.

Is the Royal Broadsword Good?

The Royal Broadsword is a heavy sword, meaning you’ll be dealing slow attacks that inflict heavy damage. This makes it good for builds that thrive off certain Charge Attack modifiers since you’re hitting slow anyways. Otherwise, there’s nothing super special about the Royal Broadsword. It’s not the best sword in the game, but if you have no better options, it sure feels great. It also hits like a truck, which is a nice bonus.

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