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Remnant 2: How to Get the Chicago Typewriter

The classic Tommy Gun.

One of the best weapons for tearing through enemies in Remnant 2 is the Chicago Typewriter, and anyone who is a fan of the classic Tommy gun style in games won’t want to skip this gun. However, finding the weapon can be a challenge, and I’m here to outline where to find the gun in this Remnant guide.

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Where to Find the Chicago Typewriter in Remnant 2

You can get the Chicago Typewriter by opening up a chest in the Entangled Gauntlet section of the Labyrinth world. Before you attempt to get the Tommy Gun, though, you will need the Biome Portal Key. This key is given out as a reward from the Keeper after defeating the Labyrinth Sentinel boss directly beforehand. With the key in hand, it’s time to unlock the Typewriter.

Entangled Gauntlet Chicago Typewriter Remnant 2.
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Head back to a rest point and open up the Labyrinth map. Fast travel to the Entangled Gauntlet, and as soon as you spawn, take a right toward the stairs. The small stairs on the right will lead to a portal. Simply step through, and as soon as you are on the other side, walk behind the same portal. Over the edge, you will see another portal. Walk over the edge and fall through.

When you land on the other side, there will be a third portal on the left side up ahead. I took down the enemies waiting for me here, but you can run by them and walk through the final portal. The other side of this portal is where we can really start looking for the Chicago Typewriter in Remnant 2.

First Portal to the Chicago Typewriter.
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Stay to the left and walk inside the rectangular room. You will find some raised rocks on the left-hand wall. At this point, you need to climb the lowest rock and start jumping back and forth between the platforms. You need to reach the top of the wall and follow the tunnel to access the final room.

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Once all the platforming is done, there will be a door that requires the Biome Portal Key. Use the key here and you will be transported to a small room. Both the Chicago Typewriter and the Leto armor are available to take and the search is over.

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