How To Get The “Ready to Roll” Gun Buddy in Valorant

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A new line of in-game content is swooping into Valorant like a wrecking ball, with the first reward being a free “Ready to Roll” gun buddy. As seen in other live-service first-person shooter games, Gun Buddies are essentially small charms that come in all shapes and sizes and can be attached to any of your in-game weapons to add a little extra flair. They don’t actually serve any functional purposes, but when you’re able to attach a baguette to a rifle, do they really need to? Here’s how to get the “Ready To Roll” gun buddy in Valorant.

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How To Get The “Ready To Roll” Gun Buddy in Valorant

The “Ready To Roll” gun buddy is available as a free reward for Amazon Prime account holders for the month of October. To qualify, you’ll just need an existing Riot account and an active Amazon Prime membership. Follow the steps below to claim your free gun buddy:

  • Visit the Valorant Prime Gaming website.
  • Sign in to your Amazon account.
  • On the Prime Gaming website, claim the available “Ready To Roll” drop.
  • Link your Riot account to Prime Gaming using the website.
  • Launch Valorant to see your in-game reward.
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Once all steps are completed, you should find your new “Ready To Roll” gun buddy waiting for you in your collection. Remember, Prime Gaming drops can only be claimed once per Amazon account and Riot account, so make sure that you’ve linked the correct accounts together. If you linked the wrong accounts by mistake, follow the instructions near the bottom of the Prime Gaming page to log out and restart the account linking process.

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