How to Get the Ranger Deputy Outfit in Starfield

Look your very while wielding the long arm of the law!

Starfield Ranger Deputy Outfit
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Sometimes, while playing Starfield, you don’t want the flashiest or strongest spacesuit to suit your aesthetic or role-play purposes. If you want something a bit more fitting for an Old West-style law enforcement officer, then here is how to get the Ranger Deputy Outfit in Starfield!

Where to Get the Ranger Deputy Outfit in Starfield

Starfield Freestar Rangers at The Rock
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To get the Ranger Deputy Outfit in Starfield, you must first enlist with the Freestar Rangers by visiting Akila City, helping Marshal Blake with his bank robbery situation, and then completing the “Deputized” quest. Alongside the Ranger Deputy Outfit, you will also receive Deadeye, a fantastic revolver that fits the aesthetic and style of the lawman organization you’ve just joined.

Ranger Deputy Outfit Stats in Starfield

Starfield Ranger Deputy Outfit
Screenshot by Prima Games

Right off the bat, you’ll likely wind up wearing the Ranger Deputy Outfit for the same reason I did: because it looks fantastic. The jacket and vest combination, with pale greens and browns, suits the Freestar Ranger character. Plus, there’s a +5% reload speed buff, which absolutely will come in handy when taking down outlaws in space.

  • Type: Outfit
  • Resistance
    • Physical: 5
    • Energy: 15
    • EM: 15
    • Thermal: 15
    • Corrosive: 0
    • Airborne: 10
    • Radiation: 0
  • Mass: 1.20
  • Value: 225
  • Rare Effects: +5% Reload Speed
  • Item ID: 0013730B

As this is nothing more than an outfit, you’ll note the distinct lack of significant resistance stats. It’s not strong enough to withstand extended combat encounters or keep you alive in deep space. But again, it’s an outfit. Nothing beats this outfit if you want to look fly while wandering the streets of Akila City.

But if you want something with a bit more armor, we recommend checking out the best spacesuits in Starfield!

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