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How to Get the Photo Finish Shader During the 2023 Destiny 2 Guardian Games

Transform your Guardian into a walking gaming PC with one of the game's best Shaders.

by David Morgan

Fashion. It’s what truly defines even the most die-hard Destiny 2 player. If you don’t look good, you just don’t play as good, you know? If you’re hunting for one of the spiciest and most unique Shaders with which to adorn your beautiful Guardian, search no further: Photo Finish is here to satiate your RGB fantasies.

For those who don’t know, the Photo Finish Shader is one of the very few in Destiny 2 that has a unique animated quality. On any pieces of armor that are bright or otherwise illuminated, it cycles between the three class colors (red, blue, and yellow). This gives any armor set a subtle yet entrancing color-changing quality. Here’s how to get the Photo Finish Shader in Destiny 2.

Screenshot via Prima Games

How to Get the Photo Finish Shader in Destiny 2

You’ll only be able to buy this Shader from the Eververse store, located either in your director by pressing your menu key and navigating to the “Store” tab, or by visiting Tess Everis in the Tower. But here’s the catch – you can only buy it for 300 Bright Dust between the dates of March 16 and March 23. After that, there’s no telling when it’ll rotate back, so mark your calendars.

The good news is, like all other Shaders, once you’ve bought it once on any character, it’s yours forever. Remember the days of single-use Shaders? shudders

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Keep an eye out for other Guardian Games 2023-unique Shaders in the meantime, including the Burnished Acclaim Shader from this year’s Event Card. There’s also a very clean black and red Shader available through the Premium Event Pass Upgrade, Coronal Bloom.

And as always, Tess’ inventory rotates weekly, so be sure to swoop in and scoop up any Shaders you don’t already have. It’s the best way to avoid the ever-dreaded FOMO in the future.