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How to Get The Penitent Man Achievement in Pentiment

Save your soul and get some sweet gossip

by Daphne Fama

Pentiment is a game of time management and choices. That’s well-demonstrated in many of their achievements. One such achievement is called The Penitent Man – here’s how to unlock it.

How to Unlock The Penitent Man Achievement in Pentiment

Once you’ve reached Act 2 and Andreas comes back to Tassing seven years later, wait for a new crime to unfold. Predictably, Andreas will feel compelled to put himself at the center of the investigation, and the townsfolk and abbey are only too happy to shuffle off all the obligation onto the Master Artist’s shoulders.

As with Act 1, there are numerous paths you can pursue to try and discover the perpetrator. But during the investigation period, you’ll only have two time blocks in which you can get this achievement.

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Head to the church in town and speak to Father Thomas, who will be taking confessions after the mischief-making that occurred on Saint John’s Day. There will be many people in line, and Andreas will be there to catch every drop of gossip that’s spilled. But don’t make your eavesdropping too obvious. Andreas should only approach the candle once to listen in on a confession. If you want to listen again, you’ll have to send up Caspar to do so in your stead. Otherwise, Father Thomas will catch on to what you’re doing and you’ll disrupt the confessions, barring your ability to get this achievement.

If that does happen, abuse the autosave function and simply quit the game and reload it. You’ll load up precisely where you were before you spoke to Father Thomas to start the confessions.    Once all the townsfolk have confessed and only Andreas and Caspar are left, the Father will ask if Andreas wants to confess as well. Andreas must agree to do so.

Andrea’s confession will be influenced by his background but at the core, it will be the same no matter what you choose. He is lost. Father Thomas will hear Andrea’s confession, offer some Fatherly advice, and absolve Andreas of his sins but also task Andreas with recitations. He’ll need to do three Hail Mary’s and two Our Father’s.

Andreas will begin his penitence immediately after confession and there is no real mechanic to it. Once all five prayers are said, you will gain the achievement The Penitent Man, as well as some very damning information about a few suspects.