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How to Get the Pack Rat Trophy in Dead Space Remake

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by Grant Testa

Despite numerous differences from the original game, for achievement hunters and trophy fanatics, the Dead Space Remake features a variety of tasks and challenges that were previously seen its 2008 predecessor’s trophy/achievement lists. If you’ve previously earned the PlayStation platinum or earned the 1,000 Xbox Gamerscore for the previous version of Dead Space, you’ll probably recognize a bevy returning trophies and achievements that can be found in the 2023 remake from Motive Studio and Electronic Arts.

One such returning challenge that is worded kind of confusingly is called Pack Rat, which requires gamers to “Place 25 items in Storage.” This guide will explain how to get this easy-to-miss trophy/achievement in the Dead Space Remake.

Step One: Locate a Store

Dead Space features many shops otherwise known as The Store. Stores can be found in many places on the USG Ishimura, with kiosks scattered throughout the twelve chapters of the game. Stores can be used to buy and sell items, equip suits, as well as to move some of your inventory items into storage to be accessed later. The store has three tabs: Shop, Inventory, and Storage. The Shop allows you to buy items, while Inventory presents the current items that Isaac is carrying, and Storage is where you can store weapons and supplies that you might use later. To obtain the trophy, you need to have at least 25 items in storage.

Step Two: Make Sure You Have Plenty of Items in Your Inventory

The Pack Rat achievement can be conquered in one or two ways, either by slowly but surely adding items to Storage over the course of the campaign or by eventually carrying 25 items and transferring them at once; the choice is ultimately up to you. The first method is the better choice for higher difficulty modes, while the latter way is more conducive with easier difficulty settings.

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Step Three: Move Items From Your Inventory Into Storage

For Deluxe Edition players, you only need to move 19 items into Storage, as the six Deluxe Edition suits are included. Standard Edition players must move 25 items from their inventory into storage. This trophy works well in conjunction with the “One Gun” achievement, which requires players to beat the game using only the Plasma Cutter. Since you won’t be using the other weapons or their ammo anyway, moving those armaments into storage takes care of at least six more required Storage spaces for the trophy.

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Step Four: Pack Rat is Yours!

Once you have moved 25 items into Storage, you will receive Pack Rat, a bronze PlayStation trophy, or an Xbox achievement worth 10 Gamerscore.

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