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How to Get the One-Eyed Mask in Destiny 2

An eye for an eye.

by Daphne Fama

I will be honest. Titans have some of the ugliest Exotics in the entire Destiny universe. You guys just cannot catch a break. One-Eyed Mask falls squarely in the zone of hideous, and no ornament can mend that. But maybe you still want it? If that is the case, here is how to get the One-Eyed Mask in Destiny 2.

How to Get the One-Eyed Mask in Destiny 2

If you have ever wanted to fulfill your life’s dream of being a cyclops that wears a silly little hat, then wow, the One-Eyed Mask is definitely for you. Or maybe your actual goal is to have an Exotic Helm that offers pretty solid utility in both PvP and PvE.

Either way, you will want to grab One-Eyed Mask. And, fortunately, it is fairly easy to do so. The One-Eyed Mask was released years ago, back in Season 8, and it has been floating freely around ever since. There are two major ways of grabbing it.

The first is to wait for it to be sold by Xur. For the last week of March, 2023, Xur is selling it in the EDZ at the Winding Cove for 23 Legendary Shards.

But if you miss the sale, do not worry. Xur will sell it again at some point, and failing that, you can always leave it luck. The One-Eyed Mask is part of the world drop loot pool. That means you can find it by killing enemies, taking part in playlist activities, claiming your Exotic Engram from the Season Pass, and grabbing an Exotic Engram from Xur.

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And it is worth trying to find. One-Eyed Mask’s Exotic Perk, Vengeance, highlights the target of any enemy that damages you. By killing that enemy, you are granted an Overshield.

But beyond that, you also get a built in Mobility or Restoration Mod, which makes it far easier to chase down the fool that decided to try to shoot you. For these reasons, it seems plenty of use in the Crucible.

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