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How to Get the Ocucor Pistol in Warframe

A bizarre piece of Sentient tech, that's for sure.

by Shawn Robinson
Warframe Ocucor

Warframe’s Nightwave Mix Volume 4 is now alive, and with it comes a nice handful of rewards. Two of these rewards are completely new with the new mix, being the two Augment mods for the Ocucor and Battacor weapons. The Ocucor augment is interesting in that it provides a way to easily refill ammo, along with better stats under certain conditions. Because of this, you may be inclined to get the weapon yourself. Here’s how to get the Ocucor pistol in Warframe.

Where to Buy the Ocucor in Warframe

While you could just buy it with Plat outright, getting the Ocucor without paying is to get the blueprint from a Clan Dojo. You may need to join a Clan for this, which can be done through the in-game Recruitment chat as clans are always looking for new people to join their ranks. Once you’re in a Clan (and provided they’ve researched it), head to the Dojo and go to the Energy Lab. There, you’ll want to purchase the blueprint for the Ocucor using the nearby terminal. Once you have the blueprint, head back to the Foundry in your Orbiter.

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What Resources Are Needed to Build the Ocucor in Warframe?

You’ll need four different resources to build the Ocucor, ranging from time-consuming to fairly simple. These resources are as follows:

  • 10 Fieldron: Earned from completing Invasions that reward Fieldron, or through the blueprint found through the Energy Lab in the Dojo.
  • 40 Thermal Sludge: Earned from special containers located in Corpus encampments across the Orb Vallis. Also available as an Orb Vallis bounty reward, specifically from the Level 5-15 and Level 10-30 bounties.
  • 55 Venerdo Alloy: Crafted using Venerol (found at mining veins across the Orb Vallis) using a blueprint from Smokefinger in Fortuna.
  • 20 Charamote Sagan Module: Acquired through dismantling Charamotes caught through Orb Vallis fishing. You’ll find Charamotes at cave hotspots during either weather cycle, with Charamote Bait being highly recommended.

Once you have all of the above resources, begin crafting the blueprint and wait 24 hours for it to finish. Then, you’ll have an Ocucor ready to go.

Is The Ocucor’s Sentient Velocity Mod Worth It?

The Ocucor itself functions in a very strange way. Getting kills with the pistol will release an energy tendril that can home in on enemies nearby, with a maximum of four tendrils. This puts it at its best when dealing with numerous enemies at once. As for if the Sentient Velocity mod is worth adding to a build, we suggest giving it a go. Here’s exactly what the mod does to the Ocucor:

  • Sentient Velocity: Each target eliminated refills 20% of Ocucor magazine. Increase Status Chance and Critical Chance by 60% for each Tendrils active.

You’ll want to bring this into missions where you must kill many enemies, such as Survival or Exterminate missions. As long as you keep killing enemies, you should be able to easily use the mod and its huge increase in Status Chance and Critical Chance. More so than other mods even. Speaking of mods, be sure to check out our guide on how to get the Amalgam Organ Shatter mod in Warframe.

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