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How to Get the Amalgam Organ Shatter Mod in Warframe

Alad won't ever shut up about Amalgams, but they're good for something.

by Shawn Robinson
Warframe Amalgam Organ Shatter

Having a ton of mods in Warframe is never a bad thing. If those mods are duplicates, you can always sell them for Credits or Endo (word of advice: never sell mods for Credits. Endo is more valuable and harder to come by). If they’re new mods, then they’re new tools to add to some of your builds. One mod takes a bit of grinding to get to, but can be a useful mod nonetheless. Here’s how to get the Amalgam Organ Shatter mod in Warframe.

Where to Find the Amalgam Organ Shatter Mod in Warframe

The Amalgam Organ Shatter mod can be earned from the recurring Thermia Fractures event in Warframe every few weeks, available once 50 Fractures are sealed. We won’t bore you with in-depth details regarding how you take part in this event, but the idea is pretty simple.

First, load into the Orb Vallis and kill the Coolant Raknoids following the Exploiter Orb over by the Temple of Profit. Pick up their Coolant Canisters, then take one to one of the fractures located around the map. These are hard to miss, being large orange pillars coming out of the ground. Place it in the fracture, then defend it for a short while. Once you have the canister at least partially filled up, take it to another and repeat the process until you have a full canister. This will give Diluted Thermia, along with points toward the event.

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With that simplified explanation out of the way, each completed canister of Thermia will award you points. One point is awarded for each canister contributed to a fracture (up to four with a full squad), and three are rewarded upon completing a canister of Diluted Thermia. If you have a full squad, that is seven points per completed canister. To get Amalgam Organ Shatter, you want to reach 50 points out of the max of 100. These are saved even after the event is complete, so the next Thermia Fractures event will keep you at the same point level you were at before.

What is the Amalgam Organ Shatter Mod Good for?

Amalgam Organ Shatter is a melee weapon mod that provides 5% less Critical Damage than its default counterpart at 85%, but exchanges that 5% decrease for 60% Heavy Attack Wind-Up Speed. This makes the mod especially good for melee weapons that take a while to hit with their Heavy Attack. For example, I love using the mod in my Redeemer Prime build since it can output a lot of damage, and the Heavy Attack takes a long while without it.

That’s all there is to it! It’s a somewhat complicated process to get the Amalgam Organ Shatter mod, and you can only get it once, but it’s one of the few mods from the Thermia Fractures event that’s worth your time. While you’re here, check out our guide on how you can get the Heavy Caliber mod in Warframe.

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