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What is an Augment Mod in Warframe? – Answered

Augment mods are surprisingly great sometimes.

by Shawn Robinson
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Warframe has many types of mods to ensure you’re kitting out your gear to exactly what you want out of it. Regular mods and polarities offer plenty of depth as it is, but things like Aura mods and Umbra mods do add a fair bit of complexity into the mix. One type of mod is an Augment mod, though what it is and how you get one can be a little confusing. Here’s what an Augment mod is in Warframe.

Where Do You Get an Augment Mod in Warframe?

Warframe Augment Mod
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Augment mods are a type of mod that is exclusively meant for an ability on a particular Warframe. These change that ability considerably, allowing it to have new stats or improved perks. One such example is in our image above, the Fused Reservoirs mod for Wisp. This augments the Reservoirs ability to allow you to drop a buff containing all three types of Reservoir in one. It costs more energy to cast but can be insanely convenient for Wisp users.

As for how you get these mods, the best way is through Syndicates. Once you hit a high rank in a particular Syndicate, you can use standing to pick up one of their offered mods. Take that above mod for Wisp for example, which can be acquired at either the rank of Genius with Cephalon Suda, or Flawless under New Loka for 25,000 standing. The other methods are through Conclave offerings or the Nightwave Cred Offerings with Nora Night.

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On certain rotations (including the current one at the time of this article’s release), Nora Night will offer a mission that requires you equip an Augment mod into a Warframe. This is as simple as equipping any mod to your frame, provided you have the right frame and mod for the job. If you already have one equipped, unequipping and reequipping the mod will do the job.

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