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How to Get the Mission Control Vest in MW3 and Warzone

Get more UAVs with this vest.

The Mission Control Vest is a new piece of loadout gear added with Season 4 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and can help players earn killstreaks faster. Here is how to get the Mission Control Vest in MW3 and Warzone.

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How to Unlock the Mission Control Vest in MW3 and Warzone

MW3 Mission Control Vest
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Modern Warfare 3 players can get the Mission Control Vest by completing eight Daily Challenges. The Daily Challenges can be done across MW3 multiplayer, MW3 Zombies, and Warzone. The vest cannot be used in Warzone loadouts, but its Daily Challenges will count towards its progress.

Players will first have to activate the Mission Control Vest task from the Armory, located under the Armory Unlocks block in the Challenges menu. The game will eventually cycle to it randomly, but players can manually activate it to finish it first before anything else.

Daily Challenges refresh every day with three new ones for MW3 multiplayer, MW3 Zombies, and Warzone. Players can also earn additional Daily Challenges points by winning matches, completing Zombies contracts, or surviving.

What Does the Mission Control Vest Do?

MW3 Mission Control Vest
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The Mission Control Vest comes with two features. The first is that it reduces kills required by one and score required by 125 for killstreaks, and you also earn those same numbers with every two kill assists or cross fire assists. It essentially helps players earn killstreaks faster, and makes the Mission Control Comlink gear unnecessary in the loadout and will assume the effects of High Gain Antenna.

The vest gives players a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, one tactical, one lethal, field upgrade, gloves, and two gear. It is almost a full kit compared to the other vests, which is great considering the somewhat meager effects. The Mission Control Vest does not directly affect gunplay and strategy and simply makes it easier to get killstreaks in game modes that support them.

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