All CoD MW3 Multiplayer Unlocks Listed

Let the grinding begin.

MW 3 All Unlocks Featured

Modern Warfare 3 is coming with an all-new multiplayer mode, and you’re probably ready to start farming for those sweet unlockables through progression. Here’s the full list of unlockables you can get in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer.

All Unlockables in CoD MW3 Multiplayer

The full list was revealed by CharlieIntel through X (formerly Twitter), and includes rewards up to Level 55. Bolded items are Perks, while italic items are features.

Progression LevelRewards
Level 1Challenges, Counter-Invasion
Level 2Demolitionist
Level 3Combat Controller
Level 4Custom Loadouts, Unfantry Vest
Level 5Guardian-SC
Level 6Comm Scrambler
Level 7OG-58 LSW
Level 8Claymore
Level 9Remote Turret
Level 10Engineer Vest, Tac Mask
Level 11Mission Control Comlink
Level 12MTZ-556
Level 13Battle Rage
Level 14Overwatch Helo
Level 15Ordnance Gloves
Level 16Smoke Grenade
Level 17Bas-B
Level 18Scatter Mine
Level 19Climbing Boots
Level 20Gunner Vest
Level 21Renetti
Level 22Deployable Cover
Level 23Mosquito Drone
Level 24Bone Conduction Headset
Level 25Armory Unlocks
Level 26Juggernaut Recon
Level 27WSP Swarm
Level 28A.C.S
Level 29Commando Gloves
Level 30Throwing Knife, Demolition Vest
Level 31Bruen MK9
Level 32Counter UAV
Level 33 Thermite
Level 34Mag Holster
Level 35SAM Turret
Level 36Blacklight Flashlight
Level 37Holger 556
Level 38RGL-80
Level 39Haymaker
Level 40CCT Comms Vest
Level 41Chopper Gunner, Portable Radar
Level 42Decoy Grenade
Level 43L/R Detector
Level 44MCW
Level 45Running Sneakers, Tactical Insertion
Level 46Precision Airstrike
Level 47Tactical Pads
Level 48JOKR
Level 49Carpet Bomb
Level 50TYR, Overkill Vest
Level 51Smore Airdrop
Level 52Scavenger Gloves
Level 53Thermobaric Grenade
Level 54Stalker Boots
Level 55Med Box, AMR9

It’s a long walk, but you’ll get them all eventually. You might also get yourself some Mastery Camos along the way, so have fun in your grinding!

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