How to Get the Melted Heart of Selig in Diablo 4

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Melted Heart of Selig Diablo 4
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The Melted Heart of Selig is one of the six super rare unique items in Diablo 4, and as you might expect, getting a hold of this amulet is no easy task. To help you get a head start on the amulet, I’ll outline all the requirements for the Melted Heart to drop and the most effective ways to farm for it.

Where to Find the Melted Heart of Selig Unique in Diablo 4

You can get the Melted Heart of Selig by completing dungeons and taking down monsters at level 85 and above. If you are below level 85 in Diablo 4, then there is no way for these to drop as you farm. These are some of the only items in the game that are tied to such a high level.

When I farm for unique items, I like to take on Nightmare Dungeons and World Bosses for the highest chance at a rare drop. Because of how the unlimited nature of Nightmare Dungeons, though, I would stick to these. Just pop some experience boosters, run through the dungeons, and hope that a unique like the Melted Heart of Selig drops.

Diablo 4 Melted Heart of Selig Effect

The Melted Heart of Selig is all about using your resources to their full potential. The amulet gives you a +30% maximum to your primary resource. Along with that, when you take damage, around 6 points of your resource will be drained for every 1% of life you would have lost instead.

On top of the main effect of the unique amulet, there are some great affixes. You can expect a +12 gain to all stats, more core skill damage, and nearly 10% more resource regeneration. This works in tandem with the resource for health effect on the Melted Heart of Selig.

There are other great uniques you can look for as well. Make sure to check out our guide on how to get the Harlequin Crest in Diablo 4.

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