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How to Get the Hunter’s Zenith in Diablo 4 Season 4

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The Hunter’s Zenith is one of the most wanted uniques for the Druid class outside of your typical Tempest Roar in Diablo 4. It has great stats for a ring, but players mostly want it for the Werewolf effect, which resets the cooldown of Werebear skills. While uniques are typically based on drop, there are ways to increase your chances of getting a specific unique. Here’s the best way to get a Hunter’s Zenith in Diablo 4 Season 4.

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Best Ways to Get a Hunter’s Zenith in Diablo 4 Season 4

Almost all the endgame content in Diablo 4 gives you a chance at getting a unique item. You can farm the Pit, Helltides, nightmare dungeons, or bosses. All these methods give you a slight chance of getting a Hunter’s Zenith, but you can target farm the uniques through specific bosses.

Since the loot table for finishing most content is all the items in the game, summoned bosses have a specific loot table that gives a higher chance of dropping certain unique items.

The bosses you are looking for are Grigoire and the Beast in the Ice. These bosses need to be summoned using specific materials, which means every attempt has a cost. If the Hunter’s Zenith doesn’t drop, you have to do it again. It might take a few tries, but this is the best way to target farm unique items.

Here are the materials you need to acquire to summon these two bosses:

Grigoire is summoned in the Halls of the Penitent in Dry Steppes while the Beast in Ice is a crafted Sigil from the Occultist. If you use the Glacial Fissure Sigil (Beast in Ice), it will mark the dungeon, and you can teleport to it from the map menu.

These bosses drop the Hunter’s Zenith along with at least five or more unique items, so your chances are quite high if you run enough of them.

Hunter’s Zenith Ancestral Stats & Effect

Here are the possible rolls for the ancestral version of the Hunter’s Zenith:

  • 10% Resistance to All Elements (fixed affix)
  • 10% Lightning Resistance (fixed affix)
  • Critical Strike Chance 1.8% – 5.0%
  • Damage while Shapeshifted 14% – 28%
  • Heightened Senses 1-2
  • Quickshift 2-3
  • Gain a bonus when you kill with a Shapeshifting skill
    Werewolf: Your next non-ultimate Werebear skill costs no resource and has no cooldown
    Werebear: Your next Werewolf skill will heal you for 689 to 1379 when damage is first dealt

Most builds benefit from all the stats, but the best effect is going to be the Werewolf effect that resets the cooldown of your next non-ultimate Werebear skill. This makes builds unbelievably fast because you can use Trample multiple times to run through enemies. Apart from that, you gain Spirit as you run through enemies, depending on your build.

However, the Hunter’s Zenith isn’t mandatory for most builds, so if you are looking to find other unique items, you can check the loot tables linked before and farm specific bosses if they are available.

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