How to Get Distilled Fear in Diablo 4

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Distilled Fear Diablo 4
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Each of the end-game bosses in Diablo 4 requires its collection of unique items, and for the Beast in Ice, you need to get some Distilled Fear. You might want to grind out some extra XP before taking this adventure on.

Where to Find Distilled Fear in Diablo 4 Season 2

You can get Distilled Fear by completing Nightmare Dungeons on Tier 30 or higher. This means you must be in World Tier IV before you can start farming the bottles of fear to summon the beast. The drops you need will be random if you get a Tier 30+ sigil. In some cases, you can earn the fear by completing the dungeon. Otherwise, you must hope it randomly drops from killing enemies in the Nightmare Dungeon.

Before you rush to World Tier 4 and search for the item, remember that these dungeons are at least level 80. Unless you have a squad of players that can carry you through for some easy looting, I don’t recommend attempting below level 70, and even that’s a tough suggestion. Level 75 is a better estimate for most players.

The Beast In Ice is labeled at level 85+ and will hit much harder than that. So you don’t want to start farming the Distilled Fear bottles before then in Diablo 4, regardless. Because you need at least nine of the fear items, you’ll likely be at a perfect stage to take on the boss for some targeted Unique items.

How to Summon the Beast in Ice in Diablo 4

You need nine Distilled Fear and 250 Sigil Powder to fight the Beast in Ice. When you have all these items, you can head to an Occultist and open the Ancestral crafting menu. Inside, you will find an option to craft a Glacial Fissure Nightmare Sigil.

Once you use the Glacial Fissure, you can teleport to the marked Nightmare Dungeon on the map. Unlike the other bosses in the game, you’ll have to clear out much more of an actual dungeon, but it’s still always the Glacial Fissure. The final door will be open if you have the Sigil activated.

With the Beast out of the way, check out my guide on how to summon Nightmare Echoe of Varshan in Diablo 4.

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