How to Get the High Priest Amulet in Octopath Traveler 2

Why would a giant butterfly steal an amulet

Sometimes, you just need a few more clerics in your party. Because nothing says fun like hymns about the Sacred Flame and lots and lots of healing. But to get that extra license, you’ll need the High Priest Amulet. Here’s how to get the High Priest Amulet in Octopath Traveler 2.

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How to Get the High Priest Amulet in Octopath Traveler 2

To get the High Priest amulet, we’ll need to first go to the Leaflands, Cropdale. Head right, past the tavern, and enter the Eastern Cropdale Trail. The music here is great, so it’s worth turning your volume up for. Follow the trail right, past the save point, and down. The path will curve left and eventually hit a pier.

Jump on a canoe, then head south, following the river into the Southern Cropdale Trail. Keep going straight down, and you’ll eventually hit a pier. Jump out of the boat and keep going down, just past the chest.

There’s a secret cave here! This is Starfall Spring, which has a danger level of only 15. Take the right path, heading down the stairs.

You’ll need to keep following the stars down until the path eventually goes left.

The path will then fork up and down. If you take the upper path, you’ll hit a dead end but find a chest with a Wakeful Stone. Take the path down the stairs.

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Again, the path will fork. Go up, and you’ll see a red and gold chest. This is the chest we want. But approaching it will give you this ominous warning:

The sense of danger is overwhelming. Are you certain you wish to proceed?  

Do so, and you’ll be attacked by a giant butterfly called Monarch. It’s… kind of cute? In a Mothra-like way. Monarch has 13,000 HP and is weak to polearms, daggers, and bows.

Take it down, and you’ll be able to claim the treasure it was guarding: the High Priest Amulet. Now go get that license, you scamp.

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