How to Get the Full Moon Circlet in Remnant 2

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There are certain items that are interconnected in Yaesha and the Full Moon Circlet is one of the best of them, offering a bevy of benefits for players who like to play the game at a distance. And since this is a shooter, almost everyone can benefit. But finding it can be quite difficult. Here’s how to find the Full Moon Circlet in Remnant 2.

How to Get the Full Moon Circlet in Remnant 2

Yaesha is one of my favorite worlds in Remnant 2, simply because there are so many secrets, and the Imperial Garden has no shortage of them. But to get the Full Moon Circlet, you can’t just show up at the Gardens. It needs to be a Blood Moon!

From the Imperial Garden checkpoint, head up the tree-trunk bridge towards the gardens.

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Take your first left into the trellises and you’ll find a statue. If you stand on the circle in front of the statue during a Blood Moon, the floor beneath the statue will open, revealing a small room that contains the Full Moon Circlet.

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Getting a Blood Moon weather condition is down to chance. But the best way to farm it is to travel to Ward 13 from the checkpoint, then back to Imperial Gardens. Do this until the sky is pink.

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But if you approach the statue and find that it still doesn’t open, you might have to re-roll your adventure or campaign. Some Imperial Gardens spawn with smaller tiles around the statue, which means that it can’t open, even though it likely should.

Still, it’s worth it. The Full Moon Circlet is easily one of my favorites of the Yaesha set.

Full Moon Circlet
Ranged damage Lifesteals 3% of base damage dealt. At full health, damage is increases by 20%.

There are so many more secrets in the Imperial Garden, including a tower that has an invisible door that most people will miss.

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