How to Get the Fasnacht Loon Mask in Fallout 76

It's time to see a parade.

There are a lot of different gear and items in Fallout 76. This multiplayer-centric take on the franchise has players coming together, or butting heads, to acquire everything they can salvage in this wasteland. One item, in particular, the Fasnacht Loon mask, can be tricky to acquire. Here’s how to get the Fasnachy Loon mask in Fallout 76.

How to Get the Fasnacht Loon Mask in Fallout 76

The Fasnacht mask only appears during a limited-time event. The Fasnacht event only runs on occasion, so you won’t be able to get the mask if the event is not currently in the rotation. It runs sometime in the middle of February or March, every year. So if it’s not that time of the yea,r you won’t be able to get any of the masks.

You’ll need to travel to Helvetia, where you will find a parade rolling through the area. At the beginning of the hour beings, he will give you multiple requests to complete.

The types of quests can be found below:

  • Gather Wood for The Bonfire
  • Collect Beer Steins
  • Gather Radtoad Eggs
  • Defeat Honey beasts
  • Decorate the Barn
  • Play Music
  • Fill the Butcher’s Cooler With Intestines
  • Donate Beeswax

You’ll then need to follow the parade around and complete some more tasks. Mainly protecting the parade from invaders. Once you’ve completed this, the parade will continue and stop multiple more times. Keep defending and eventually, you will reach the finale.

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At the end of the parade, you’ll be rewarded with some goodies, including one of the many Fasnacht masks. If you don’t get the mask you want, since they are randomized, you’ll need to come back and do the parade again the next time it’s active. There is no real control over which one you get. So if the Loon mask is evading your grasp, just keep at it.

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